Law of Attraction: Setting your intention - for a joyful day, week and life.

Do you have a routine to start your day off right? Do you set an intent for a joyful day, week or life in general?

Today is Monday. I was just telling someone “I LOVE Mondays”! I try to make sure that I have no appointments or pressing obligations and make the day about journaling, yoga, meditation, play and having fun to set the tone of positivity for the whole week.

The law of attraction states that what you think about you will draw to you – wanted or unwanted. I love the weekend because it is family time but I don’t want to dread the end of the weekend or the beginning of the ‘work-week’ either. So, I make Mondays joyful and come into the week gently.
Many people are not as lucky as I to be working from home on this beautiful Monday morning. Many are not happy in general so how can you be joyful in the first place?
First, ask yourself what kind of day do you want? On a scale of 1-10..... a 10 right? What would a 10 look like?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 I wrote this on ‘Happiness’:

If you ever think to yourself that you’re just not happy, whether it’s that day or life in general, you may want to remember not to think too far ahead. Life is just a series of moments. It’s just about that one moment.... so make it a perfect one!

Here’s a tip... first, you have to know what makes YOU happy. Then do THAT.

This is what I call MY “Prescription for Wellness”:

RUN, 2-3 times per week. Yesterday was amazing... I pretended that when I was breathing deeply it was like I was drinking in the fresh air and that my face was like a flower taking in the sunshine like food.
JOURNAL, daily. What I want and what I am planning to manifest. If there's anything negative in my life I put it here and move to focus on a solution and not dwell on the negative.
YOGA, daily even if it's just a few poses. Fortunately, I teach yoga so I get to do it for a minimum of 2 hours a week. This keeps my body flexible and my mind clear and calm.
TAKE A CLASS. This gets me out with other adults (I'm a mom to a toddler) and gets me doing something in the winter months. It's belly dancing right now.
GET OUTSIDE, a few times a week. Even if it's in the dead of winter just to shovel the driveway. I crave the outdoors and the sun.
SPIRITUAL REMINDERS. Books, cds.... I have a few books and get some cds on a regular basis that uplift me any time in my life, no matter what. I need to keep them close and listen to them often.
LOOK GOOD. I need to keep my hair cut, keep my eyebrows waxed, have facials.... to feel that I look my best to BE my best.
This is how I stay connected, whole and happy.


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