Mom & Baby Yoga

I am hoping to have a Mom & Baby Yoga class start next week, here at the PH studio, and I'm pretty excited about it! I LOVE that class and if I could use the sounds of the giggling babies the class would be full every time at both locations.

I get lots of questions about the class and have even had a mom tell me that her husband asked her if we just sit around watching the babies do yoga! Too funny!
I tell moms that the time to start just about when they feel they are ready and have had a baby as young as 3 weeks in the class. For the baby the concern isn't 'too young' but 'too old'. When a baby can crawl, the last thing he/she wants is to be tied to mom.... they want to use their new skill and explore. So, about 3 weeks until crawling is the perfect age.
Another question I commonly get is what do you do in class? No experience is necessary at all....I have a breathing exercise to start with, some ab exercises, some hip openers (all the while baby is sitting/standing on mom), some baby time that focuses just on baby and some standing things where moms are standing while holding their baby. At the end of the class we do a calming meditation.

Moms are encouraged to feed/nurse and change their baby any time during or before/after the class. Meditation is the perfect time for feeding as it's a loving and calming way to end the class and assist for a very joyful ride home!

I LOVE this class and hope that I always have a class going! It's a lovely way to not only bond with your baby but relax, have fun AND see other moms. A wonderful social outlet!

In 2008 there was a nice article done on my class from Linda O'Conner at the Belleville Intel. Check it out if you like:


  1. I just found your blog, I am a breast cancer survivor, and I have a cooking blog, but I have also started yoga, I love it, I will follow alog for awhile, thanks

  2. Good to meet you! I am happy you found me and even happier that you found YOGA... enjoy!


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