Prenatal Yoga with Kim

I have a Prenatal Yoga class 8-week session beginning again on Wednesday, May 20th at my Belleville location. I thought this would be a great time to answer my most asked questions and give a brief description of the class.

The first concern I usually hear is that the mom-to-be hasn’t done yoga before.... and that’s ok! Most of the moms I see have no experience with yoga. My Prenatal Yoga classes are set up for the mom to relax, prepare for birth, bond with their baby and ensure that pregnancy is a wonderful experience! Everyone is encouraged to move at their own pace, only do postures that give joy and have fun.

To prepare for the birth of your baby we do a series of hip opening postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. To help make pregnancy a joyful time in your life we stretch our bodies in places that moms most complain about (to me) throughout pregnancy.

This leads me to the ‘most asked questions’ part..... I am often asked about sciatic symptoms so I do reclining hand to toe, which I found helped me tremendously. Also, leg cramps seem to be an issue for some so we stretch hamstrings with some forward folds. We do cat cow pose to strengthen backs and help to stretch ‘complaining’ backs. If there are any issues that come up with a mom's pregnancy I always do my best to not only find out what might be of assistance but to also try it out during class. I want to be the most support I can in this wonderful, but sometimes stressful time for a family.

I took my Yoga Teacher Training course throughout my pregnancy so I had to do research to be sure that I didn’t hurt myself or my baby. It ended up to be a lovely experience. I’ve now taught many Prenatal Yoga classes, as well as Mom & Baby Yoga classes (since 2008), in support of moms-to-be as well as recovering moms.... and loved every minute of it!!!

Click here to find out more about my Prenatal or Mom & Baby Yoga classes as well as Gentle Relaxation Hatha Yoga classes.

Be sure to check with your health care provider before beginning, as with any exercise routine.

"Supporing families, holistically"


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