The Wheel Is Turning But The Hamster is Pooped

Sherry, Stop. What Are You Doing?

Sherry had a morning routine. She didn't really choose it, she just evolved into it. Every morning she would get out of bed, flip her energy switch to go and keep moving until she fell back into bed at night, exhausted.

Her planner was as important as her wallet, and her cell phone seemed permanently attached to her right ear.

She was a regular at an up-scale coffee shop and was developing physical symptoms from too much caffeine. She commonly carried ant-acids and painkillers in her purse, kept some in the drawer at work and in her car.

Sherry had also slipped into a routine of regularly choosing fast and easy over healthy in her food plan. She often felt bloated and lethargic as a result.

Sherry was time deficient and over-stimulated. She was stressed, weary and operating well below her potential.

Oh Wise One
Your wonderful body is designed to let you know what you need to pay attention to. It's up to you to listen.

You can visualize a young girl who regularly stays up too late, eats too much sugar, doesn't like her vegetables, and has an organized activity every night of the week. You instinctively know what to change in her best interest. It's not about punishing her; it's about loving her.

The price tag
There are costs to not respecting body wisdom; stress, moodiness, tightness, headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, digestive problems, etc.

The Good news
Your body can be completely trusted to tell you whether you are smoothly and positively flowing your energies. The messages will be very specific. Listen up.

There are benefits when we do respect body wisdom; a sense of well-being, good night sleeps, energy, healthy digestion, soft and supple muscles in areas such as shoulders and neck, serenity, etc.

Sherry didn't want to suffer
Sherry didn't see much room for change in her life. She said she needed to run her business, needed her cell phone, and was not willing to give up coffee. She recounted her last 'health kick' and how miserable it made her.

Gentle change
Instead of imposing changes that feel punitive, the better approach is small changes that feel loving and wellness based. The energy behind the two approaches is noticably different.

Progress, not perfection is the ideal.

In the spirit of self-care, Sherry committed to a 2-week trial period of several small changes.

Cell phone off during meals and when driving.
Drinking only tea in the evenings.
To bed half an hour earlier.
No business obligations on Sundays.
These small changes made a tremendous difference for Sherry. She liked the specific time frame. It felt do-able. She noticed her body stress level decrease and her energy level increase. She was sleeping easily and right through the night.

Following her 2-week trial, Sherry decided that she would continue, and is looking at making some small healthy changes in her food plan.

The Most Important Piece
Changes made in the spirit of self-acceptance and loving care are the ones that last.

For Your Journal, for Your thoughts

What is my body telling me about the way I am living?
Where does my body experience stress, excitement?
When I am in certain situations, do I feel light, heavy?
What do the sensations mean to me?
Things to consider: (all free and easy to do)

Adequate rest
Updated healthcare appointments
Healthful, nourishing foods
8 glasses of water a day
Vitamin supplements
Time for play and creativity
Time outside, appreciating nature, fresh air

©2009 Joyce Lee


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