Training For My First 1/2 Marathon!

I'm training for the Prince Edward County 1/2 Marathon and let me tell you, with a toddler it can be pretty challenging and sometimes discouraging. I have three days that I am able to run without her. I don't know if it's just me, but pushing a jogging stroller isn't easy! Then there's the added bonus that she gets bored after a while and, of course, the weather.

One thing that helps is that my husband occasionally comes with me. Not only do I love his company and that he's becoming healthier, it's a very good example for our daughter! The picture above is the three of us just this Sunday past on the trail close to our home.

Something else I find really helpful, since I don't get to run with a group, is my online running friends. They're great for encouragement, information (they have loads more running experience than I) and motivation. I also have a weekly running partner. It's amazing how much farther you can run with great conversation as a distraction!

Today my goal was 10k but had my daughter with me so it ended up being only 5k. Actuall, that's not bad, I think, considering when I actually do this 1/2 marathon I won't have a stroller to push but will still be able to do it with that little extra!


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