Friday, July 31, 2009

A Day of Perfection...

Ever have one of those perfect days? One of those days where it seems like nothing could go wrong? I am having one of those days today.... a compliment from a friend, great food, fun with my toddler, a lovely bath, a wonderfully hot shower, watching butterflies from the screen door of my bedroom as I type this, all while listening to Enya.... the list is endless. Only got three hours sleep but I can’t tell.

Maybe it’s because I finally got the first edition of my new free ezine out and the sign-ups are effortlessly pouring in... or maybe because my entire life seems to be lining up perfectly... who knows... but I don’t dare take a nap, I don’t want to miss any of it!

Have a blessed day!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Expecting Parents!

I've been blogged about! Lisa, a former yoga student posted this blog post. Enjoy.....

Posted by Lisa Boudreau on July 21st, 2009

I adore children. I think it’s because I’ve always really enjoyed playing. As an adult “playing” is frowned upon because we’re supposed to be…well grown up. Whether I was babysitting as a teenager or just playing with some of my younger cousins, I remember having a blast. Getting down on the ground and being silly with this little curious person whose expressions were always so priceless and innocent would make me feel great. So when I get asked what to you like to photograph the most I have to say babies and children!

Today I celebrate my daughter’s 7 month birthday. Granted the celebration includes the normal routine of bottles, playtime and naps – with no difference to her – but I know today is special!

So in honour of her, my little powerhouse of personality and independence, I wanted to give some suggestions for expecting parents! Of course, most are from my own experiences but isn’t that the best teacher?

1. Yoga
I did Pilates for many years however when I became pregnant I had to take it down a few notches simply because my body did not bend the way it used to anymore! I started looking into other ways to stay healthy and fit while with baby. I started taking daily evening walks and I came across prenatal yoga. It was so relaxing and I kept a lot of flexibility while pregnant. I found it was a great way to stretch all the important muscles and it taught me to pay close attention to my breathing which also helped with those crazy contractions!

I took classes with Kim Belanger-Mills of Patchoulimoon Holistics in her home studio. She’s a great teacher and I used to lay in bed after class , still hearing her calm voice in my head. I think Savanna loved her voice too because in class she would be bouncing around in my stomach. So Mom’s to be (and hey, even dad’s) let some yoga into your life:

2. Read about baby
I loved doing this with my fiancĂ©. We’d read about how the baby was growing at a certain point in the pregnancy or about where baby would be in the coming months. I read so many books on birth that I lost count. But I found it so reassuring and comforting to have an idea what my body was doing and what it was going to do. I knew that I wanted a calm and natural birth if possible so I read lots of positive books. This put me in the right mind frame and it help ease a lot of the fear once labor had started. Birth has happened since the beginning of time, in every creature to walk to earth…how much natural can you get?! Sure I was still nervous and scared, but it could have been worse had I not prepared myself with knowledge. Read up!

3. Lots of Downtime
I’m a doer. I don’t sit still, ever. However with a human being created inside of you it’s a good time to learn how to stop. I did a lot of relaxing walking when I was pregnant with a good friend. This made me stop and take time to focus on me. I was able to just stroll outdoors, enjoy the surroundings, views, and conversation. I also did a lot of reading and watching movies. My body got to rest and I came to appreciate the downtime. It was nice not to scramble about or to listen to my mind run a mile a minute.

4. Pampering
I was always an active person even as a kid. I loved sports and I rarely ever spent all that much time on pampering myself. When I was pregnant I was awed at the changes in my body. I didn’t think it could do half of the things it was doing! So I found that while I was pregnant getting my nails done and my hair done kept me feeling great. It felt good to have someone take care of me and to know that even though I can’t see them my toes look awesome!

5. Memories
I really loved my pregnancy. It was smooth and it was a very emotional time for me. It is something I always want to remember. I want to remember how she used to do somersaults in my belly just as I climbed in bed for the night. I want to remember how round my belly was and how it felt to wrap my arms around it. We captured all of that in beautiful maternity photos that I still look at today. It is a wonderful memory to have a keepsake of. And now I am proud to offer maternity photos shoots to those who wish to remember it as well!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Feel Bad About Your Self: how many do you do?

By Joyce Lee
Many women are masters at feeling bad about themselves and about the circumstances of their lives.

They walk through their life with a heavy heart, a pessimistic attitude and a wagon full of problems.

Their relationships are complicated; they rarely love their occupations and are seldom at peace with their body/temple image.

They are everywhere and they do this day after day after day. It is a true art form and you can do it too if you like...

Simply follow these 10 Sure Fire Ways to Feel Bad About Yourself.

1. Look at yourself in the mirror and criticize your body.

Inventory your flaws. Look at your self naked and shake your head in disgust. Tell that little girl inside how unacceptable she is. Feel the shame.

2. Start your morning with a coffee and a "just below the surface" dialoguewith your self of your problems.

Stay stuck there. You have a huge list of problems: people you are struggling with, unresolved stuff from your past, situations that are troublesome. So much to work with. Roll up your sleeve and pick some.

3. Have a private internal bitch session with someone who has violated your perceived borders.

Tell them off in your head. Itemize their shortcomings. Take their inventory and point out the holes in their socks. Do this as you brush your teeth or on your way to work. Go over it and over it. Be self-righteous, indignant... go ahead... set the tone for your day.

4. When some innocent soul asks you how you are today...tell her how crappy you feel.

Talk about bloating, headaches, your cold, your stomach ache, constipation, flu, sore back, blood pressure... revel in it... after all... they asked...

5. Be on constant guard of your boundaries.

Violators are everywhere. Notice what everyone else is doing and make sure they don't step on your toes. Your fragile ego needs to be protected at all costs. No one must ever get one up on you. Ever.

6. Have 'friends' scattered everywhere through out your day to gossip with.

High quality friendships that encourage nitpicking about other people's faults. People you can trust to not talk about you behind your back.

7. Make sure you have lots of avoidance techniques in your personal toolbox.

Comfort foods or other mood altering activities to avoid taking responsibility for your circumstances.

8. Do Not... do not read any inspirational materials.

It will only confuse you with messages of empowerment and personal growth. Who needs that? Inner work is for women with nothing important to do. You are too busy to sit in quiet, looking inward. After all, you have errands to run and emails to answer.

9. Carry your unfinished business with you everywhere you go.

Your grudges, resentments, wounds, victim stories. You bought a whole set of suitcases with wheels for your baggage. You can take it everywhere. Who doesn't like luggage?

10. Worry, doubt, anxiety. 'Your constant companions."

Pretend everything is fine on the outside, but keep these running just below the surface of your awareness. Feel them in your heart and in your body. Create your day from this platform.

Don't you just love that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach? The ache in your heart? Why would anyone want to feel open and flowing and full of self confidence, approval and esteem?

So, there you have it.

A straightforward road map for spending the rest of your life feeling lousy. Look around at all the women in this exclusive club. Join the movement. Come over to the heavy side. Life is about suffering isn't it?

Just Kidding... but you knew that...

Take this advice and throw it out the window!!!

Do the opposites. Claim your right to a happiness! Embrace this opportunity to live a wonderful and joyful life as you... glorious you...


Do you need help with a problem? Do you want to make a life-plan? Do you want to use the law of attraction to your advantage? I can help.
©2009 Joyce Lee

Monday, July 13, 2009

What has Kim been up to?

Lots! Working on web changes (I’ll let you know when we’re a little farther along), preparing for new fall classes, writing a book, making preparations to be able to purchase from my website and preparing for the new Newsletter!

If you haven’t seen the sign up box on Facebook or this blog be sure to sign up to receive tips on yoga, meditation and more for body, mind and spirit!

Besides all the business ‘stuffs’ I’ve been boating, running and also gardening. I hope to have pictures on my blog of the stone border for our gardens soon.

Anyone else been super busy this summer and want to share? Feel free to make a comment or email me @

Be Blessed,

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Own Issues

A friend of mine recently asked what my issues are. I thought I would share my response, feel free to share your's...

I’ve been working on so many issues….

FEAR of absolutely everything, having panic attacks every day when in school; fear of my health; fear of my future… meditation and knowing the only time we ever have is NOW helps incredibly.

ANGER from things not doing exactly as *I* plan it or think it should be, anger that my parents didn’t even try to do their best, that someone is driving too slow in front of me, or whatever else that popps up… I’m trying to remember that this is how it is supposed to happen.

Life is a lovely and interesting journey, don’t you think?

Be Blessed,