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A Family Vacation Day in 2009

As the summer comes to an end we are trying to make the most of the nice weather and our weekends together. Yesterday (Sunday) we went to The Lang Pioneer Village. It was so nice to see our daughter run from building to building. My husband got some great pictures and I was over-joyed at the fun had by all! I definitely have an outdoor oriented family as being outside is usually our main goal for every season, except winter. We describe ourselves as ‘tree-huggers’ and even named our daughter after a tree “Willow”. I think she’s already a ‘tree-hugger’ in training....

Our One Year Anniversary

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary. One year married, three and a half years together and we will have known each other for six years this coming October. Most of the time it feels like we’ve been together for decades because we know each other so well, work so well as a team and are so close. Other times though, it feels like we were just married last week.... fresh and exciting and so in love. To celebrate our one year of marriage, on Saturday, we chose to go back to the city that we were married in (Kingston Ontario) with our daughter, for a little shopping and dinner. Trail Head, Lululemon, Costco and Red Lobster. It was lovely, of course! So relaxing. Then, Sunday (the actual day of the anniversary) we stuck close to home and puttered around the house and yard until after supper when we took our daughter to the park. A perfect weekend. So very relaxing! The camera had three sets of batteries and none of them worked so here’s a little look back at a year ago yesterday...

Letting Go

Lately I’ve been on a de-cluttering binge... our home, the studio, and now myself! Letting go of as many things as possible that take my time and energy, including my hair.... at least 6 years of the same hairstyle meant time for a change. Above is the before picture What about you... do you do any regular de-cluttering for your home, your place of work or even yourself? Or do you wait and do it all at once for a giant cleanse? Here's the new 'do' ....... Please leave a comment here for others to benefit from or email me at . Be blessed, Kim


Isn’t technology great? I just got a new laptop yesterday and we got wireless high speed this week, too. With all this technology I’ll be able to do more than ever, faster and in more locations! But that means I’ll need to try to find more balance in my day. Krishna Das is a great musician. I not only sell his music but listen to it during some of my yoga classes, in the car as well as at home. Now, I will be able to listen to him on You Tube and meditate at the same time! Enjoy.... What do you do for balance? Be blessed, Kim