A Family Vacation Day in 2009

As the summer comes to an end we are trying to make the most of the nice weather and our weekends together. Yesterday (Sunday) we went to The Lang Pioneer Village.

It was so nice to see our daughter run from building to building. My husband got some great pictures and I was over-joyed at the fun had by all!

I definitely have an outdoor oriented family as being outside is usually our main goal for every season, except winter. We describe ourselves as ‘tree-huggers’ and even named our daughter after a tree “Willow”. I think she’s already a ‘tree-hugger’ in training....


  1. My goodness, Willow has grown even since I've known you Kim...

    Willows are woman trees... deeply connected to the moon, to the water... able to bend and flex and adjust to life... thrive and flourish anywhere...

    Be blessed... be happy...

  2. Yes, isn't Willow a delicious name? I hope she always loves it as much as her Daddy and I do!

    Thanks Joyce... many blessings to you,
    Kim XX


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