Our One Year Anniversary

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary. One year married, three and a half years together and we will have known each other for six years this coming October. Most of the time it feels like we’ve been together for decades because we know each other so well, work so well as a team and are so close. Other times though, it feels like we were just married last week.... fresh and exciting and so in love.

To celebrate our one year of marriage, on Saturday, we chose to go back to the city that we were married in (Kingston Ontario) with our daughter, for a little shopping and dinner. Trail Head, Lululemon, Costco and Red Lobster. It was lovely, of course! So relaxing. Then, Sunday (the actual day of the anniversary) we stuck close to home and puttered around the house and yard until after supper when we took our daughter to the park. A perfect weekend. So very relaxing!

The camera had three sets of batteries and none of them worked so here’s a little look back at a year ago yesterday.....
(From left to right) Me and Willow, Me and Chris, Willow and Auntie Theresa, Me Chris & Willow


  1. Happy Anniversary Kim, Chris and Willow...

    What a lovely post... new love... abiding love... enduring love...

    Sending you wishes for many, many more anniversaries...

    Joyce Lee

    PS. I've been wonderfully married for 30 years... my greatest success...

  2. Thanks Joyce! Your 30 years are definetly an inspiration! XXX


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