Your Connection

The long weekend has come and gone. Sometimes, between trying to catch up with work and time with family and lots of plans to be busy means neglecting time for connection to Spirit, your True Self. You may even try but if it’s rushed it may not seem to help and you can be left feeling annoyed (with yourself more than anything) and lacking energy. I am no exception to this... until, last night, I came across my rose quartz wrist mala. It was a reminder to love myself enough to spend time for me.

Need help with your connection? Check out my website for products and services to feed your body, mind and spirit. There’s a new page on the site, check it out here. Also, if you are a member of the Facebook group Patchoulimoon Holistics Yoga and Holistic Health, there’s a new topic “what’s your reminder to spend Time for YOU? Make a comment here:

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