A big life goal achieved

Yesterday, (Sunday, October 4th, 2009) marked a life-goal achievement for me that was pretty big. I ran my first ½ marathon at the Prince Edward County Marathon.

I’ve only been running for about a year and only had one race under my belt, which was a 5 km run, so this was a big deal for me. Not to mention, with not really any training to speak of. I ran 4 km two days a week for the past three weeks.

A friend asked me today how I felt now that I’ve achieved this big goal... proud and powerful. I feel definitely feel powerful. I have always been in such awe of others that could run that distance.

While running I had a chance to ask someone how long she had been a runner and her response was inspiring. She ran her first ½ marathon when she was 55 and her first full marathon when she was 65. She thinks she may stop at 70. I love that!

I started with walking after my daughter was born in because, despite what people tell you about breastfeeding helping for weight loss, I was gaining weight instead of losing. So, walking turned into running and I was hooked!

Now, a year later, I’ve also taught a ‘Runner’s Yoga’ class and can’t see how anyone who runs (or any athlete for that matter) can do it without yoga!. I can run farther, faster and have less aches and pains. I went from running only 4 km runs to over 20 without any major recovery needed and no injuries.

The number of people who are just onlookers cheering you on is astounding. I never thought of that before yesterday’s race but I tear up even now when I think of it. People who stand in front of their houses with umbrellas for hours, ringing bells and telling you what a great job you are doing. It’s truly amazing. It made me feel like a celebrity and so very, very grateful.

At about the 16 km mark my husband, daughter and in-laws were waving and taking pictures. I was so proud to have my family there. I wish more people could have saw them waving. I also wish my own parents had been there to see me. Next year I’m hoping my husband will run it with me and years from now maybe our daughter will want to do it as well.

Nearing the end of the ½ an OPP officer told me I was almost there... just another 400 metres to go. It didn’t feel that way and even though I could see it, it sure seemed far away. My friend, Tiki, was there watching and ran the last couple hundred metres with me. That helped me to pick up my pace a little. Although I don’t yet know my time I think I finished in just under 2 ½ hours. As soon as you cross the finish line someone takes your race chip (for timing), and puts the metal on you. Tiki grabbed the complimentary food and drinks for me and guided me through the crowd.

Such a proud day. A day to remember for the rest of my life.



  1. My wonderful wife, you are truly an amazing woman. And probably the only person who was texting while she was running a ½ marathon!But thanks for keeping me posted on your kilometers. Congratulations xoxo

  2. Wow! Congratulations Kim! You are an inspiration! I love your 'proactiveness' in starting running in the first place.
    Thank you for sharing
    Joyce Lee


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