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Princess for an evening

It was my uncle's 50th suprise birthday party on Saturday night and although my daughter had a fever since the previous night we went anyway. I hadn't been to a family event in about 15 months or even visited a famiy member in nearly as long. Of course, I missed them! I always felt like the black sheep of the family... living in Germany and then Alberta until I was nine because my father was in the Air Force. Then later, I avoided family events because they always seemed to involve alchohol and my parents didn't get along when they drank. Now, it's me who almost never drinks and then my mom passing away in 2006 certainly didn't help. So, off we go... a 45 minute drive to get there... I wasn't disappointed. Abundance of hugs and kisses. Countless times I heard, "it's great to see you"; "wish we could see you more often"; "I can't believe you're actually here"; "your daughter is so precious"; "your daughte

A night out!

Something very rare happened this weekend... my husband and I got to go out child-free. This is the 2nd time in over two years!! Why, you might ask...? There is only one person that she is comfortable staying with, and us leaving her with for that matter. But, at least we have one, and for that we are very grateful! My husband's workplace was having their Christmas dinner on Saturday night and we had a pretty good time. We stayed until our maximum time and really enjoyed only being the two of us in practically forever . The next day felt different, too. More relaxed, more happy. If you are one of the lucky ones who has multiple people to sit for you take advantage of it. You will be a better wife/husband, parent, and friend. And then, there's always your sanity (hehe). Blessings, Kim

My 3rd Race...

On Sunday, November 15th, 2009 I ran my first trail race. It was the Fat Ass Trail Run in Batawa. So, this makes my 3rd race... 2 road and 1 trail. Trail is much more fun but let me tell you... this run, which was 7.5 k for me, was just as challenging as the 1/2 marathon I did last month! The 'Fat Ass' is mostly up hill... up a ski hill that is and there's lots of rocks and tree roots. And speaking of trees... there's lots of those, too. Fallen trees that is, to go over and under. Oh, and those rocks and tree roots I mentioned, hidden by wet, slippery leaves. Speaking of slippery... there was a giant puddle in the middle of it all. I wore a brand new pair of trail runners and glad I did. I wore a brand new pair of gloves and didn't need them. With all those hills a body heated up pretty darn fast. I ran it in just under an hour, which is darn good for a person who doesn't train. Had no injuries, thankfully, and only got one foot wet in previously described '

'The family that plays together, stays together"

I don't know who said it but it's been quoted twice to me within a week. My husband and I love the outdoors and that is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to have a child... to share that passion. We hike, bike, roller blade and more... and hope our daughter will love all that, too. This past weekend my husband finished fencing in our back yard. What an awesome feeling! We are finally free from the fear of our daughter sneeking away, our dogs getting out, or an unfriendly dog coming on to our property. So much fun was had on Sunday running, chasing and playing, by both 2 and 4-legged family! What do you do as a family to 'play together'? Blessings, Kim

Are you an encourager?

I read someone's article on being an extreme encourager and I recalled telling my friend Bob, years ago, that I wanted to be a yoga teacher. He immediately said, " You would make a great yoga teacher... you look like one already!". Aaah, the encourager. Do you know someone who you can't wait to tell your news? Someone who thinks whatever thoughts you have are great ideas? Someone who 'knows you can do it'.... whatever 'it' may be? A lovely thought isn't it? Do you know a person like this? Are YOU an encourager? I hope so! Thank you, in advance, for blessing me (and others) with your comments and emails ...... Namaste, Kim