A night out!

Something very rare happened this weekend... my husband and I got to go out child-free. This is the 2nd time in over two years!! Why, you might ask...? There is only one person that she is comfortable staying with, and us leaving her with for that matter. But, at least we have one, and for that we are very grateful!

My husband's workplace was having their Christmas dinner on Saturday night and we had a pretty good time. We stayed until our maximum time and really enjoyed only being the two of us in practically forever. The next day felt different, too. More relaxed, more happy.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has multiple people to sit for you take advantage of it. You will be a better wife/husband, parent, and friend. And then, there's always your sanity (hehe).



  1. Reconnecting that way must be wonderful... after all... Your baby will grow up and leave home... and it will be the two of you again...
    Thanks for this...

    Joyce Lee


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