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Thoughts on ‘Julie and Julia’

I watched the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ Saturday night and found it inspirational. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about a woman who blogs about Julia Childs who was a huge impact on not just bringing French cooking to America but one of the first woman chefs. I found it inspirational because of the similarities of the lives of the two women and myself. Julie blogs, they both do something they’re passionate about even through difficulty, and they are both married and have very loving, successful relationships. Inspirational because they both started from scratch and became very successful. I won’t tell you what each of the woman’s success was but it made me ask myself (again) what the desired result would be from my blog. I want people to get to know me from my blog to feel more comfortable to take my classes if they are in my area and if they aren’t....? I am in the process of writing a book about Prenatal Yoga for those who don’t have something like that in their area. Eventually, wri

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

I’ve recently found out that US Congress voted to not say “Merry Christmas” on radio and television. Being Pagan I was, at first, pleased by this decision as I am pretty tired of people trying to force their beliefs on me and as you read on in today’s blog you’ll see why. Someone I know and love made a comment on her Facebook page about the US Congress decision and the fire was lit! Non-Christians were called “ bigots and fools ”! People from larger, multi-cultural areas will LOVE this beauty......“ The ones that have taken this upon themselves to complain about this holiday, HAVE NO PROBLEM GETTING THE DAY OFF PAID FROM THE PLACE THEY ARE EMPLOYED!!! Talk about being a hypocrite! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL .. enjoy your paid day ” Ok, my husband and I are NOT paid for ANY holidays but we aren’t Atheists, we do have holidays of our own as do other religions who aren’t paid for those. Here’s another beauty, “ I personally enjoy saying merry Christmas to all... you don’t like what ya see her

Gym Membership

So, I constantly write about the importance of ‘Time for YOU’ but when you have a busy life, kids, and little support to do just that, it can seem overwhelming of just where to start. I’ve been thinking of re-joining a gym for the past year but child care is an issue for me and my husband, not wanting to leave our daughter with just anyone. Today I took the plunge. It seems like a lot of money but when you break it down it really isn't. I decided on the local YMCA which is only $17 per month for unlimited child care. Right there, it’s a good deal!! Then, take into consideration that she’ll be enrolled into a weekly program that’s included in her membership... well, it makes me wonder why I hadn’t looked into this sooner. Then, there’s the classes I’ll be taking. Normally, one class is about $120 for two months but I’ll be taking two classes plus using their treadmills, ellipticals, and whatever else I can fit in. Another big bonus is that my husband and I can h