Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

I’ve recently found out that US Congress voted to not say “Merry Christmas” on radio and television. Being Pagan I was, at first, pleased by this decision as I am pretty tired of people trying to force their beliefs on me and as you read on in today’s blog you’ll see why.

Someone I know and love made a comment on her Facebook page about the US Congress decision and the fire was lit! Non-Christians were called “bigots and fools”! People from larger, multi-cultural areas will LOVE this beauty......“The ones that have taken this upon themselves to complain about this holiday, HAVE NO PROBLEM GETTING THE DAY OFF PAID FROM THE PLACE THEY ARE EMPLOYED!!! Talk about being a hypocrite! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL .. enjoy your paid day

Ok, my husband and I are NOT paid for ANY holidays but we aren’t Atheists, we do have holidays of our own as do other religions who aren’t paid for those. Here’s another beauty, “I personally enjoy saying merry Christmas to all... you don’t like what ya see here get the ------ out”. So, who’s calling WHO the hypocrite here? ?

Thankfully, I have open-minded, loving, Christian friends who are considerate enough to take note of the fact that my family is Pagan and wish me a happy Solstice, congratulate me when we have a nice celebration and not only do they NOT wish me a Merry Christmas but they don’t EVER say “get the ____out”! For those loving friends I am truly grateful and it is because of those loving friends that I changed my mind about celebrating Congress’ decision on putting the stopper in ‘Merry Christmas’ and instead will be hopeful for Canada to someday include MORE religious beliefs to their plate. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could hear about other loving religious celebrations when they come up? That would be the most loving response I can think of regarding religion right now. And that’s really what it’s all about, right? Not about who's beliefs are right or wrong but loving each other!

Here’s what Stats Canada has to say about religion in Canada...

  • Overview: Canada still predominantly Roman Catholic and Protestant
  • Roman Catholics: the largest religious group in Canada
  • Growth in Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism
  • Increase in those reporting “No religion”
Stat Can link found here:

Research on Paganism in Canada said this, “Paganism is Canada's fastest-growing religion, according to Statistics Canada. There are 21080 declared pagans in Canada.”

Saying no to ‘Merry Christmas’ is (in my opinion) not about ‘poo poo-ing’ someone’s religious beliefs but being fair to those who believe differently. YES, it IS possible for others to believe differently from you. It’s called ‘individuality’. Maybe take the time to find out about your friends and neighbours before saying it! Wouldn’t THAT be the LOVING thing to do? If I had a Hindu friend I would surely not say “Happy Winter Solstice”, instead I would find out more about what he/she celebrates.... I would maybe ASK! Now that would be intelligent, meaningful conversation that (hopefully) your friend would appreciate.

Here are some more links of interest....

I am not about to give a religion or history lesson here on my blog, but as I said, my little family is Pagan and if anyone is interested... for us that means a 10 day celebration of Winter Solstice or Yule where we try to celebrate by doing something small each day to welcome back the light as the daylight grows longer and be grateful for this season and loved ones.

Wishing each and every-body peace, love and blessings in this and every life celebration.

PS feel free to leave a loving comment. Thanks! XX


  1. awesome blog kim...what can i say?i was the one whom lit that fire and let me tell ya after doing some research of my very own i found myself ashamed of those (including myself) that call themself christian ..some times it takes a lit fire to open the eyes of others...and my eyes have truley been opened in regards to your pagan celebrations..I have had a peice of humble pie so to speak...and have had to swallow hmm i think choke is a better term ha ha my own words...blessings to u and yours kim
    love janet

  2. Thanks Janet,
    Blessings right back to you and your's... and lots of love, too.


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  5. I want to thank everyone for their loving/peaceful comments here and in my inbox and on facebook. I hope this week's blog benefits others out there who may not think of the variety of cultures out there at this time of year.

    There is such potential to learn from other's cultures and beliefs and accept eachother. :-))

  6. Hi Kim. I enjoyed your post very much. Religion is a very touchy thing for most people because it's very "ego centered". That's not meant as a judgement on anyone, I've been learning a lot about ego. So many identify with their religion as "this is part of who I am" and because religions are different (actually, they are more similar than most people realize but anyway...) this threatens who we are because we are all "right" in our own ego's.
    That being said, I was raised very catholic, went through each sacrament, went to catholic schools but at this point in my life I identify more with being in sync with nature, the moon etc., so I would LOVE to learn more about pagan celebrations for my own curiousity.
    I don't feel Christmasy yet. We finally have a tree but it's not decorated. I haven't done any shopping. I feel like I'm only going to go through the motions for Marshall.
    Maybe you could tell me about your celebrations so that I could introduce him to something new that feels better to me as well as teaching him about the christian way to celebrate?
    To each his own. When we find someone we have a hard time identifying with, it really will make us feel joy instead of frustration if we try to feel LOVE for that person.

  7. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for your lovely reply!

    I totally agree that we identify with our religion or lack of one. I believe that it all comes down to love. Simple isn't it? Whether we are religious or not if we came from a place of love (and therefore acceptance) none of it would matter.

    I call myself an 'Individualist Pagan' meaning that I don't do anything because Pagans are supposed to. For our Yule celebration we will do something intentionally special for each day Dec 21-31. We bought a tv for our family gift but started using it early so one of those 10 days will be spent intentionally appreciating our new tv/entertainment system and electric fireplace. Another day will be going out for lunch, a day that I made a reservation for far in advance. Another exchanging gifts with someone special. Very similar to some Christian celebrations who travel to family's homes on different days.

    Much of our celebration is about intention. Going outside with the intention of being grateful and appreciating the season, the light coming back, the beauty in the changes. Nature can always be incorporated.

    In light and love,


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