Thoughts on ‘Julie and Julia’

I watched the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ Saturday night and found it inspirational. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about a woman who blogs about Julia Childs who was a huge impact on not just bringing French cooking to America but one of the first woman chefs.

I found it inspirational because of the similarities of the lives of the two women and myself. Julie blogs, they both do something they’re passionate about even through difficulty, and they are both married and have very loving, successful relationships.

Inspirational because they both started from scratch and became very successful. I won’t tell you what each of the woman’s success was but it made me ask myself (again) what the desired result would be from my blog.

I want people to get to know me from my blog to feel more comfortable to take my classes if they are in my area and if they aren’t....? I am in the process of writing a book about Prenatal Yoga for those who don’t have something like that in their area. Eventually, writing books on each of the other classes that I teach as well, such as Mom & Baby Yoga.

And then there’s the sense of peace that everyone deserves. I would love to write a book to help people, especially women, find that peace in their daily life. You can’t possibly have peace 100% of the time, if you are a living human being, but you can live there most of the time.

“Julie and Julia”. If you blog, if you are a women with goals, if you are passionate about something in your life... this is the movie for you. If you would like to check out the REAL blog about Julia Child, find it HERE.


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