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Ginger or Marianne?

A friend of mine teaches Pole Dancing classes and has Pole Parties for different occasions. She’s also the same friend, I wrote about, who does Reflexology. I thought the Pole Dancing for fitness sounded like a great idea and was delighted to find out that it fit in perfectly to my already too-busy schedule. I was a little nervous, at first, since I don’t see myself as the sexy type but more the girl-next-door. I’ve taken Belly Dancing in the past so I knew not to have any concrete stereotypes about the type of person taking the class but could I be sexy? Right from the first few minutes of getting to class I noticed that we were all different shapes and heights and by the end of the class I learned that there is one other runner, besides me, and one person has her own pole at home but has never taken a class.. All women looked totally ‘normal’. We were first taken through some moves like the ‘sexy walk’... yes, thankfully, we were shown how to walk in a sexy way as I wouldn’t have ha


The definition of ‘Holistic Health’ is health of body, mind and spirit. Some actually spell it ‘wholistic’ because you are treating the whole of yourself. Being a Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Certified Yoga Teacher I use meditation and affirmations, Energy Balancing, and Yoga for my body, mind and spirit. But, I don’t want to stop there! Variety helps us to not become stagnant. Last Tuesday I tried Reflexology and WOW! My palm chakras were active for the rest of the night, right through to the end of the next day because of it. Let me tell you how my session went... I laid back with my feet up, my Reflexologist first wiped my feet down with cooling witch hazel and then pressed on the pressure points on my feet for about an hour, and used a foot scrub at the end. The pressure points each represent different points in the body and the only ones that were sensitive to me were the sciatic points. I used to have sciatic trouble as a teen and then even more trouble during p

Carol Kathleen (Badgley) Belanger, Jan '49 - Apr '06

Today is my mom’s birthday. She would have been 61 years old today but died April 4th 2006. She died young and has now missed so much. She missed me taking yoga training and working solely for myself as well as running my first half marathon. She missed the marriage to my amazing husband... a man she loved before she really met because he was such a good friend to me. She missed the birth of her granddaughter.... who she would have loved and spoiled like no other. My mom was more of a best friend than a mom. She was so young at heart and laughed a lot. She was one of eight siblings and the only girl and her brothers fondly nicknamed her ‘kakleberry’ because of her laugh... a laugh which I have most likely inherited as I’ve inherited her love of laughter as well as many, many other traits. She was always the life of the party. Any party... even my sleepovers as a kid. My mom always wanted her own home but my dad was against it. It was the only big purchase she made after my dad die

Manifesting for 2010

I believe that you attract what you have in your life. You alone are responsible for it... but that means you also get sole credit for what you have whether it be relationships, money, possessions or whatever. If you take action to get something it should be aligned action. This is why ‘resolutions’ often don’t work. I prefer the term ‘manifestations’. Think of this difference: “I resolve to be healthier and lose 20 lbs for 2010.” Verses: “I intend to manifest great health and a fit body for 2010.” Which sounds more joyful? I would love to hear what you intend to manifest for 2010! I find it very joyful to hear all the lovely, positive things that will happen for the future. The things people think about, talk about, and visualize. Remember, what you give your attention to is drawn to you... so, let’s talk about all the positive manifestations for this grand new year! I’ll start.... I intent to manifest... More positive thinking Better health and fitness than ever before Only positive