Ginger or Marianne?

A friend of mine teaches Pole Dancing classes and has Pole Parties for different occasions. She’s also the same friend, I wrote about, who does Reflexology. I thought the Pole Dancing for fitness sounded like a great idea and was delighted to find out that it fit in perfectly to my already too-busy schedule.

I was a little nervous, at first, since I don’t see myself as the sexy type but more the girl-next-door. I’ve taken Belly Dancing in the past so I knew not to have any concrete stereotypes about the type of person taking the class but could I be sexy?

Right from the first few minutes of getting to class I noticed that we were all different shapes and heights and by the end of the class I learned that there is one other runner, besides me, and one person has her own pole at home but has never taken a class.. All women looked totally ‘normal’.

We were first taken through some moves like the ‘sexy walk’... yes, thankfully, we were shown how to walk in a sexy way as I wouldn’t have had a clue about that –he he! We did some stretches to warm up and also had time on the pole, learning how to spin on it. This, however, did cause some bruising for a few of us. It was definitely a good workout! My muscles, specifically my shoulders, were sore for a couple of days afterwards. I haven’t talked to any of the other ladies yet but I am sure I wasn’t alone there.

After the class I needed to put gas in the car and I wondered if it would come up that I had taken a class that night. I would have no problem mentioning that it was a Pole Fitness class since it doesn’t bother me to shock people, generally, but then I wondered if he or she would think I was a stripper. Which, of course, brought me to thoughts of... why would I care?

Sexy is not a bad thing and people shouldn’t associate it with being a bad mom, a bad wife, or the reason that someone is single. We shouldn’t be afraid of it but be proud of our body. Belly dancing is becoming more socially acceptable but since a dancing pole is so closely related to strippers should it be something to be feared? I say NO to that. No judgement.

Remember the show “Gilligan’s Island”? One girl was sweet and more of the girl-next-door type and the other more worldly and very sexy.... I think each one of us has the ability to be both all wrapped up in one... and be proud of that!

So, what about YOU... are you a Ginger or Marianne... or both?!
PS Thinking of taking a Pole Dancing class or having a party for a special event? Let me know... I'll 'hook you up' LOL.
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  1. What a great blog Kim! I love your encouragement for all women to be nice and sexy... we don't talk about sexy enough out loud... I know I don't... maybe I'll get myself a pole... even thinking about it make me laugh out loud...
    Thank you for this delightful post!

  2. Joyce, I haven't met a husband yet who would laugh at the suggestion of his wife getting a pole ;-)


  3. I am glad you like it Kim...I know my friend Cindy sure does. I will leave the "adventurous" stuff to you. I am more of a Gilligan type!!!

  4. Gillian?? LMBO!!! Funny girl! :-D xx


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