Manifesting for 2010

I believe that you attract what you have in your life. You alone are responsible for it... but that means you also get sole credit for what you have whether it be relationships, money, possessions or whatever. If you take action to get something it should be aligned action. This is why ‘resolutions’ often don’t work. I prefer the term ‘manifestations’.

Think of this difference: “I resolve to be healthier and lose 20 lbs for 2010.” Verses: “I intend to manifest great health and a fit body for 2010.” Which sounds more joyful?

I would love to hear what you intend to manifest for 2010! I find it very joyful to hear all the lovely, positive things that will happen for the future. The things people think about, talk about, and visualize. Remember, what you give your attention to is drawn to you... so, let’s talk about all the positive manifestations for this grand new year!

I’ll start....

I intent to manifest...

More positive thinking
Better health and fitness than ever before
Only positive people into my life
Newer vehicles
More financial abundance
Beginning an affirmation journal
A regular routine of reading my affirmation journal when awakening and going to bed

And you?? Feel free to comment on this blog or email me at

Many blessings for 2010!


  1. Great blog Kim!

    I intend to manifest more wonderfulness in Body/Mind/Spirit/Emotion

    I intend to savor every day and let it all evolve...

    Brightest Blessings,
    Joyce Lee


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