The definition of ‘Holistic Health’ is health of body, mind and spirit. Some actually spell it ‘wholistic’ because you are treating the whole of yourself. Being a Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Certified Yoga Teacher I use meditation and affirmations, Energy Balancing, and Yoga for my body, mind and spirit. But, I don’t want to stop there! Variety helps us to not become stagnant.

Last Tuesday I tried Reflexology and WOW! My palm chakras were active for the rest of the night, right through to the end of the next day because of it. Let me tell you how my session went... I laid back with my feet up, my Reflexologist first wiped my feet down with cooling witch hazel and then pressed on the pressure points on my feet for about an hour, and used a foot scrub at the end. The pressure points each represent different points in the body and the only ones that were sensitive to me were the sciatic points. I used to have sciatic trouble as a teen and then even more trouble during pregnancy. Thankfully, I had Yoga to set me right every morning.

Other benefits of the Reflexology treatment were a great night’s sleep, relaxation (I actually felt my feet were more relaxed), great balance and sense of calm and the activated palm chakras I mentioned before.

I loved it so much I am going to go back on a regular basis! So, if you are looking for new ways to nourish your body, mind and spirit... try Reflexology!

Blessings, Kim.

  • If you are in the Belleville or Quinte area and want to try MY Reflexologist call Michelle 613.242.6780. $25 a session for a limited time!
  • Also, I am currently offering Yoga classes but hope to have Reiki and Private Yoga sessions available again this spring! 613.398.0028
  • If you are looking for tools to aid in meditation I sell music, singing bowls, meditation beads and more at my holistic Shop `Patchoulimoon Holisitics`! 613.398.0028


  1. Aww, thanks Kim! It's wonderful to hear about the "other side" of a reflexology session. I am so grateful for you as a client : ) And.. I would love some meditation beads. Hook me up : )
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks Michelle... I'll bring some beads tomorrow when I come for session #2!
    Have a magnificent Monday!

  3. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to do the quiet self loving things... you are a light worker and I am grateful for you Kim...
    Brightest blessings,

  4. Thank you Joyce... I am very grateful for you too!


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