Home Sweet Home... or not??

I’m sure you’ve heard: “Home Sweet Home” or “There’s no place like home”…… but what if your home is dirty and cluttered? If you have a child and/or pets this could be more of a place of struggle and stress looking at the home you only wish you could feel relaxed and loving towards.
My home was usually pretty tidy and clean… when I had a husband who was never home (now ex-husband) and one small and medium sized dogs along with three cats and a full-time job outside the home. Yes, I had to vacuum every other day but it certainly wasn’t as hard to keep up with as it is now.

Now, I work a lot from home, have a toddler, a large and medium sized dogs to go with the three cats. Oh, and a husband who is almost always home when he’s not working 50-70 hours per week. When he’s not working his crazy hours I am certainly not going to expect him to clean house !

Picture this: you have just cleaned a room and gotten to the end, only to look back at it with a smile on your face, and what do you see….? The room looks the same as it did before -or even worse - and standing in the middle of the clutter, toys, dust and dog hair is the toddler and two dogs. They each seem to have grins on their faces. They are proud of their accomplishments. The accomplishment of UNdoing all your hard work and you burst into tears. Again.

This was me until I hired a house cleaner. Now, Monday is my favourite day. It’s the hardest working day of the week. I work for four hours on cleaning my home alongside the house cleaner, doing business work that I can’t get done when alone with my daughter and I am exhausted at the end of it… but so is my daughter. She falls asleep within minutes of her head hitting the pillow. And when I leave her room on Monday nights I walk into each room of my home, with a smile on my face.

Have a great Monday everyone ! I know I will.

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