Long, medium or short?

Hair. A shallow topic, I know. However, hair is such an important part of our appearance and something that everyone has to deal with. Someone once told me that our beliefs are like a house built around us... each part of the structure are like the structure of a house and when one peace falls apart we are really shook up. I think it’s the same with our hair. Many people, like myself, keep the same style for years. While others can change it drastically and often.

This summer I got my bob-with wedge haircut that I’ve had for about 9 years (from very long - middle of my back, that I also had for many years) cut off to very short.

I blogged about it then as well. Maybe it was just the place I was at wanting less hassles in my life... but I want a change and want it longer this time! My life must be ready for more care for me, maybe.

Long, flowing and sexy; medium-length, cute and bob-ish; short, sporty and no-nonsense..... which do you prefer??



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  1. I like the chin length better than the super short -- Do you have any pictures of it long? I'd like to see that.


  2. Hmmm... it would take some real digging to find any long-haired pics. Going back about 10 years and a couple of computers! LOL.

    Thanks Lindsay... :-)

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