To eat meat or not to eat meat.....

I call myself a vegetarian. I haven’t eaten beef or pork or even chicken since 2000... only fish since then, actually. With the exception of one bite of 2 different kinds of wild meat a couple of years ago... until last night. I had moose meat hamburger on my spaghetti.

I know people aren’t going to understand my decision and that’s ok. I didn’t become vegetarian, or call myself that, to impress anyone or prove anything. I use my intuition to decide what to eat, or not, at the time. Any time I don’t it’s usually a bad decision.

I first started thinking about being a ‘veggie’ when I was hearing more and more about the chemicals that animals were ingesting for personal gain. Growth hormones, antibiotics in the food.... certainly doesn’t benefit ME or the animals so who is benefitting and why?? It seems to all revolve around money. Later, I learned about the treatment of many (I dare say most) of these animals and decided I made a good decision.

People have asked me, in the past, why I didn’t decide on organic meats and poultry. I tell them that I used my intuition when deciding... I actually meditated on it and got the feeling that I should just do without, with the exception of fish. So, that is what I did and I’ve never regretted it. Those who made the decision without using their intuition or being in alignment may have had a different outcome but, for me, there was no negative repercussions.

Since becoming a vegetarian I married a hunter. Kind of a funny situation some may think but it works out quite well, actually. I learned that if man doesn’t kill wild animals at some point they become over-populated and get overrun with disease. Also, my husband is an ethical hunter meaning that he doesn’t empty the gun trying to get one shot to stop the animal. He actually aims, only taking the shot if he believes that it will kill the animal so not to cause suffering. Being Pagan, he uses his intuition to decide whether or not it’s the ‘right’ thing for him to do.

To eat meat or not to eat meat? Is that the question? Maybe the question is... has the animal had a good life? Or, does this feel right to me right now? Do you use your intuition? Or, do you do what society (or your parents or other family or friends) tells you is right for you?

These questions can extend to other things besides meat. Do you eat too much junk food and then feel sick? What about alcohol or even coffee? Something to think about....

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