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It's your choice.

I had decided what to blog about today but changed my mind when a friend asked some questions on Facebook. She asked if anyone had ever witnessed violence, any type. I have. Words can be violent. Anger is a type of violence, in my opinion, even when you don’t end up striking out at someone. Maybe there’s people out there who haven’t witnessed some kind of violence but most likely you have. Sarcasm meant to hurt; words meant to hurt; loud, angry voices. Growing up, mostly with my father, I witnessed an angry, loud and hurtful voice on a daily basis. He was rarely ever happy at home. In front of others it was a different story, of course, but not at home. I know it was because he didn’t feel in control of his life and he blamed others constantly. Especially me. It was my fault that he was miserable at home and that he and my mom couldn’t be happy because he didn’t want kids. He told me he loved his car more than me because his car never hurt him. Sounds childish doesn’t it? That was just

Staying Connected

Everyone seems crazy busy these days and I’m no exception. It’s sometimes hard to stay connected to loved ones but with all this modern technology it sure does help! I love my family dearly but since my mom died in 2006 I find it very hard to stay connected and often feel ‘out of the loop’. It doesn’t help that the majority of them live nearly an hour away. A couple of my relatives have cell phones and we like to text each other to stay in close contact but this weekend I had a great idea, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.... I started a Facebook group for my large family to tell of recent updates, ‘happenings’ and share pictures. How fun is that? What do you do to stay connected with loved ones? I would love to hear your thoughts... , facebook or leave a comment here... Blessings, Kim (c) 2010 All rights reserved.

My newest and biggest want right now...

Unless you are new to my blog and don’t know me, you know that I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe we all deserve what we want and we should want a lot of things. Lately, I’ve been focusing my energy (sending positive energy) to my newest and biggest want. I am going to be renting permanent business space, studio space, in Belleville very soon. My friend is opening a new space called “By the Moon” and I’m pretty happy about it. Happy for my friend, Michelle, and also happy that I will have a nice studio space that is designed to be open and used for Yoga and Pole Fitness classes. But, here’s where my ‘want’ comes in... I want to rent one of the therapy rooms from her full-time. That’s my newest and biggest want. But, not just rent it... rent it without going into debt to have it. One of the things to do to achieve your ‘wants’ is to focus, positively, on it and to ask ‘why’. Of course, answering why in positive ways and not focusing any energy on lack. So, why do I

Celebrating International Woman's Day

Saturday we attended the International Woman’s Day – Body, Mind and Soul Symposium as a vendor. It was a lot of fun with mostly women at the event... my husband was one of just a handful of men. So much fun! There were so many vendors and so many rooms... all beautifully decorated by Lynda Akey from Memory Lane in Tweed. My friend, Michelle Stroud, was there, too. She is the one I take my pole dancing classes from and will be opening a business called “By the Moon”, just next month, I will be renting space from her in Belleville when the renovations are complete. With so many woman and so many interesting things to look at it was lots of fun! Not to mention, one of the organizers was also a vendor for her photography business. Photography by Gail , owned by Gail Paquette, had a Vintage Photo Booth for anyone who wanted a picture or two in 1920’s garb. Having the pictures taken were a lot of fun but seeing the finished product brought tears to my eyes. Here’s a few that were taken of me

Hitting the reset button...

Things are a little different this time...I normally write in the morning when I am fresh and before my daughter is up for the day. I didn’t get that chance today. I, also, didn’t have the best day. If you are part of my Facebook group, “Feel The Magic” you know already, I am a BIG advocate of having time for yourself and making it count. But, what if you are at work or have people (or kids) around you all day so you can’t get this quality time for YOU? I’ve said in the past and I’ve seen others post it on their Facebook status update.... "where’s the reset button?!" If at work, you might be able to sneak away to the bathroom, to just breathe. Maybe if you have kids you could do the same. However, if you have a toddler at home this might be a little tricky. Hang on... it WILL get better. Your spouse might give you a break or you might have to wait until everyone is in bed but it CAN happen. Things won’t get as bad as they could if you know and believe it. I am definitely a b