Celebrating International Woman's Day

Saturday we attended the International Woman’s Day – Body, Mind and Soul Symposium as a vendor. It was a lot of fun with mostly women at the event... my husband was one of just a handful of men. So much fun! There were so many vendors and so many rooms... all beautifully decorated by Lynda Akey from Memory Lane in Tweed.

My friend, Michelle Stroud, was there, too. She is the one I take my pole dancing classes from and will be opening a business called “By the Moon”, just next month, I will be renting space from her in Belleville when the renovations are complete.

With so many woman and so many interesting things to look at it was lots of fun! Not to mention, one of the organizers was also a vendor for her photography business. Photography by Gail, owned by Gail Paquette, had a Vintage Photo Booth for anyone who wanted a picture or two in 1920’s garb. Having the pictures taken were a lot of fun but seeing the finished product brought tears to my eyes.

Here’s a few that were taken of me and my daughter.....

Next year is a must. Maybe we’ll have pictures taken each year so we can track her growth. Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to attend the woman’s-only pyjama party as well! Hope to see you there!




  1. Thanks Kim! The photos truly are beautiful and it was my extreme pleasure photographing you and Willow. She is a living doll and incredibly agreeable...lol. What a cutie, everytime I asked her a question she said "yes." In her cute little voice! She must have alot of positive influence!
    Thanks to you and all the other wonderful women who had booths and attended the event we will definitely be celebrating again next year!
    Happy Women's Day!!


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