Staying Connected

Everyone seems crazy busy these days and I’m no exception. It’s sometimes hard to stay connected to loved ones but with all this modern technology it sure does help!

I love my family dearly but since my mom died in 2006 I find it very hard to stay connected and often feel ‘out of the loop’. It doesn’t help that the majority of them live nearly an hour away. A couple of my relatives have cell phones and we like to text each other to stay in close contact but this weekend I had a great idea, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.... I started a Facebook group for my large family to tell of recent updates, ‘happenings’ and share pictures. How fun is that?

What do you do to stay connected with loved ones? I would love to hear your thoughts..., facebook or leave a comment here...

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  1. Great idea Kim! I might have to follow suit!

  2. Thanks Stefanie, don't you just love FB?

  3. This is a fabulous idea Kim... I might also need to follow suit... thank you

  4. Yay, glad to hear Joyce! This is one of those times that I wish someone would have blogged about before me so I could have done it sooner -lol.


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