Hitting the reset button...

Things are a little different this time...I normally write in the morning when I am fresh and before my daughter is up for the day. I didn’t get that chance today. I, also, didn’t have the best day.

If you are part of my Facebook group, “Feel The Magic” you know already, I am a BIG advocate of having time for yourself and making it count. But, what if you are at work or have people (or kids) around you all day so you can’t get this quality time for YOU?

I’ve said in the past and I’ve seen others post it on their Facebook status update.... "where’s the reset button?!" If at work, you might be able to sneak away to the bathroom, to just breathe. Maybe if you have kids you could do the same. However, if you have a toddler at home this might be a little tricky. Hang on... it WILL get better. Your spouse might give you a break or you might have to wait until everyone is in bed but it CAN happen. Things won’t get as bad as they could if you know and believe it.

I am definitely a believer. Today, I got locked out of my car. My daughter grabbed the car keys just as I shut the door and hit the lock button. She was still in the car. I was panic stricken! I had no purse, no keys, no cell phone. If I went for help she might hit the unlock button and let a stranger into the car. This was one of the longest two minutes of my life. Worse than last week when she locked me out of the house in a snow storm, wearing practically nothing.

I knew it would get better. And it did. And here I am now... fine. Better than fine. Calm, happy, peaceful.

Whether it is during the chaos or at the end of a bad day, take that time. Hit your reset button. I may be invisible but it IS there.


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  1. Great post Kim!

    Sorry about getting locked out of your car by your little bundle of joy... scarey for sure!

    Getting locked out of your house with practically nothing on... funny...

    you definitely need a big reset button...

    brightest blessings

  2. Thanks Joyce! I'm sure I'll look back at all the lock-outs and laugh -someday. ;-)



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