My newest and biggest want right now...

Unless you are new to my blog and don’t know me, you know that I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe we all deserve what we want and we should want a lot of things.
Lately, I’ve been focusing my energy (sending positive energy) to my newest and biggest want. I am going to be renting permanent business space, studio space, in Belleville very soon. My friend is opening a new space called “By the Moon” and I’m pretty happy about it. Happy for my friend, Michelle, and also happy that I will have a nice studio space that is designed to be open and used for Yoga and Pole Fitness classes.

But, here’s where my ‘want’ comes in... I want to rent one of the therapy rooms from her full-time. That’s my newest and biggest want. But, not just rent it... rent it without going into debt to have it.

One of the things to do to achieve your ‘wants’ is to focus, positively, on it and to ask ‘why’. Of course, answering why in positive ways and not focusing any energy on lack. So, why do I want this therapy room? To have more space for product, to have total availability for Reiki and private Yoga sessions. To feel pride in a space that I can add little decorating touches all my own. To have space I can store my extra yoga mats and massage table.

The next step is to feeeeeel what it would be like to have it. Ask yourself, what do you want... and why. Feel positive about it and watch it roll in......

Blessings to all,
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  1. Adding my Kimdeservestohaveherspecialspaceforherbeautifulbusinessenergy to the mix...

    Thoughts become things...

  2. Aaaaaaahhhh.... thanks Joyce! I can feeeel the energy.

    Kim :-) XX


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