What's your movie preference?

Funny, dramatic, scary, tear-jerker, adventurous.... what’s your movie preference? Mine is definetly funny. I only like happy endings. I watched a movie last night that was pretty good until the end, when the main person died. Leaving wife and child. Ugh. I was still bawling a half hour later.

Then, I started thinking about the Law of Attraction. It takes only 16 seconds of feeling a certain way to attract more of how you are feeling. Ugh, again. I wish movies had something on it stating: “warning, this movie will make you feel crummy” or “warning, this is a very feel-good movie. Expect to feel a high for at least a day.” Wouldn’t that be nice? Only, it’s not possible for someone else to tell you how you will feel. So, it’s up to us to police our feelings to deliberately attract our magic.

So... what’s your movie preference? Will you chose diffently now that you are thinking of what you are attracting?

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