Monday, May 31, 2010

R & R anyone?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Marley and Me’ then you know all about our dogs. Unruly, high maintenance but very cute and sweet at the same time. Add a toddler to the mix and I had an idea of how our first camping trip in over 3 years would go but being a `glass is half full` kind of gal I hoped for the best... a relaxing, stress-free high inspirational weekend. What I got was a lot of the expected but still some inspiration.

It took me three days of buying things for our new trailer to organize us, the dollar store was a big help. The one thing hubby and I couldn’t seem to get was a 30 amp plug for him to re-do the 15 amp plug that the previous owners put on the 30 amp cord for the 30 amp trailer – a fire hazard. An RV centre and two Canadian Tires didn’t have it which meant no power for the trailer. Also, when we got there the o-ring for the tap to the trailer was no good so this meant we had to go outside each time we needed to use the water to turn it on and off again. The bathroom was good to go, though, so I was happy as a clam about that. That’s all I was really worried about.

My husband works a minimum of 50 hours a week so having the trailer to prepare and move was stressing him out. He was an, um, ‘unhappy camper’ to say the least from Saturday morning until we got home Sunday morning. Which means that I was less than happy, too. Probably the majority of the weekend’s problem right there. The drive there and back was the most joyful part of the trip, for me, since we took separate vehicles.

Our daughter, Willow, was pretty good for us but the dogs... well, I laugh about it now but was mortified at the time... Willow went to sleep with only about 20 minutes of nursing since she was so exhausted and the dogs the same. It was our lab, Winnie, who decided to sleep on her bed for the first time. Our spaniel chose to sleep on our queen-sized bed. Perfect. We actually thought we might get a good nights sleep!

Here’s where the chaos begins. About 2:30 AM I heard the tag jingle on his collar as our lab shook and then our daughter saying, “NOOO” (she must have gotten stepped on or licked) and then, “Mommy I want you” she cried. With no power for the trailer it was pitch black in there. So, I brought her to our room thinking she would nurse and go back to sleep..... oh no. The lab followed, of course. Think about what a lab’s tail looks like – long and strong. It can clear a table. He’s a happy boy and was even happier at the prospect of getting into bed with all of us. The silence of the trailer park was defining but the sound of his tail banging on the metal screen door at 2:30 was enough to wake the dead!! Not just once or a few times but I had to leap out of bed to grab his tail repeatedly and every time I let go it happened again... the panelled walls too.


Queen bed, yes, but space for two adults, a toddler, a spaniel and a lab – NO. Not to mention hubby was STILL not too happy. So, my day began then. I took everyone to the kitchen to let hubby sleep.

Willow's first sleeping bag

I did mention inspiration, didn’t I? Seeing how happy Willow was running around the campsite, playing in the dirt, with the pine tree on our site and with her new sleeping bag; reading to her from my Harry Potter book at 3:00 am via flashlight and the beautiful view on the drive home of the rock, trees and deer made it all worth it and hopeful to do it again - with better results.

The way home

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We've come a long way, baby!

I only camped once when I was a kid. My Dad was NOT a camper but more of a hotel type person. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I started going, first with my cousin and then with boyfriends, sometimes in the back of a covered truck and sometimes in a tent. When married to my ex-husband I used to go with his parents, sleeping in a tent (by this time I had my own) and with my two small dogs while they were in a small house trailer. I always wanted one like theirs’, it seemed like an apartment on wheels.

When the new husband came along (and some inheritance) I bought my first trailer. It was a really nice tent trailer with a pop out on the side. It was beautiful, for a tent trailer, but a whole lot of work for my husband! We used it only one summer before my daughter was born. With a Cocker Spaniel and a Lab it was even more work... not to mention we were afraid that one of the dogs would go through the screen if we left them inside at all.

We really love camping but not so much the work so we up-scaled this year. I sold my beloved tent trailer, with all the memories of camping: a couple of days after a miscarriage, with my beloved terrier (Candy), later our Lab (Winchester) when he was just a pup, pregnant with our daughter (Willow) and even getting thrown out of a site, being told we were too noisy! I sold it for $3200.00 and took that money to pay for another trailer and a seasonal campground for this year.

Then, came the big task of finding the ‘right’ trailer for our family. We looked at a few not-so-gently loved and some neglected beyond repair. Finally, we went to Carl Cox in Belleville. On his website we saw one that was $5900.00 that was such a nice trailer and perfect for us but with the $3200 we got for the ‘old’ trailer it certainly wouldn’t cover the new one and then where would we put it if we couldn’t pay for the seasonal site? So, I didn’t understand why hubby (Chris) wanted to go look there. I felt that it was a big tease with all those beautiful trailers we couldn’t afford but when we got to his first lot there was one marked ‘$3500 – as is’ but looked worth so much more than that. It was a steal at that price, still, not affordable for us so we went home. I thought about it all night, kicking myself for not talking to the owner and offering... something. What does an offer cost me? Even if we had to take a bit out of our savings to buy it, it would be worth the investment.

So, the next day we went back in hopes that he was hanging around his garage since he was closed, which was located between his business and his home. He was. He was playing poker with some friends, actually, so I guess I interrupted his game. He was going from the business back to the garage when I asked the big question, “what would you take for the trailer marked $3500 in the other lot?” He said, “$3500 if that’s what’s marked!” Ugh, that was no good for us. “Too bad, I have $2000 CASH in the car, right now.” He told me he would be right back so I felt hopeful. A few minutes later he yelled out the business door... “give me $2300 and it’s yours” WOO HOO!! I couldn’t believe my luck! We later found out that this trailer marked $3500 on the window was the one that he had on his website for $5900!

A couple of people, older men who have done a lot of trailer camping in their lives, both told us that it was worth at least $6000 and we got a steal of a deal but when we got it home we realized it for ourselves. Nothing was wrong with it at all! Being marked ‘as is’ usually means that something is wrong with it so I expected the air conditioning, at the very least, to not work.

It’s a beautiful trailer! At the front is the living room, with a pull out couch to make a bed, then is the kitchen with a fridge, stove and table which also makes a bed. The bathroom is next complete with sink, toilet and shower... I’m not even sure they ever used them since there’s no mildew or signs of water. Last is the bedroom with tons of closet and drawer space and a queen sized bed. Aaaah... we’ll be camping in style! I’ve come a long way from tent camping with the ex-in-laws to this beautiful 29 foot cottage on wheels...

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Monday, May 17, 2010

The first eBook experience

Well, it took a year of my life to complete my first eBook, but “Prenatal Yoga for Body, Mind and Spirit” is finally ‘out there’.

I took my yoga teacher training almost completely pregnant for that entire year and had to do my own research on what to do or not to do. I had to research the modifications for someone pregnant so not to hurt myself or my baby. This kicked off the desire to write my own eBook for others who are pregnant.

From 2008-2010 experience was gained from teaching Prenatal Yoga and the last year of teaching it I was writing, I had a photographer come to my home to take pictures of most of the poses, and did research on my ‘team’. Besides a photographer, I have a business coach and an editor.

A pretty good accomplishment for anyone, really, however for someone with a toddler and no child-care, a pretty HUGE accomplishment, I believe! Yes, I certainly have a little extra pride knowing that I accomplished my goal with a child in her bed, early mornings, most of my writing time. Hopefully, this first eBook will act as a template for the second eBook... “Mom & Baby / Postnatal Yoga for Body, Mind and Spirit”.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. We celebrated it the whole weekend but more-so on Saturday. We decided to NOT have the usual great weekend we normally have but make it equally great, just different, by going to Peterborough. For shopping and looking.

I recently told my husband of my wishes to sell our tent trailer and buy something we can take to a seasonal campground and leave there. It would be more of a cottage for us. A place that our daughter and I can go when Daddy is working or a place that we can just pick up and go to when we want to just get away. Even in the winter.

So, on the way to and from Peterborough we looked for trailers for sale, we looked for campgrounds with seasonal sites and we talked about what would be the best of both to find. Once there we shopped at Costco and talked about how nice it would be to be closer, maybe a campground between our home and Costco, for easier access. We also had dinner at the Red Lobster, which would definitely be another perk of living closer to Peterborough.

“Who fed me from her gentle breast

And hushed me in her arms to rest,

And on my cheek sweet kisses prest?

My Mother.” ~Ann Taylor

Well, we didn’t find a trailer or a campground but good times were had by all on Saturday. Sunday, we thought we would have a leisurely day of going to the gym and cleaning up our tent trailer to prepare to sell, but it ended up not to leisurely. I was inspired to put the ad on Kijiji early, just to get the views started on the site. Wow, what a response! Almost 100 views in about 8 hours. After about 4 hours we got an email, the family came to look, agreed to buy it and are coming today to pay. I think I’m still in shock that it went so quickly. Not to mention sad. This trailer was our first and we camped in it with my little dog, Candy, before she died and then again with our Lab when he was just a puppy. We camped in it just after I had a miscarriage and when I was pregnant with our daughter. It was our first time at Algonquin. It will definitely be missed!

Mother’s Day 2010 will certainly be memorable. It was the beginning of memories to come, of more camping and outdoor fun. It was memories of the end of a time, of the past of good times and sunshine.
2008 Camping at Prince Edward County
Coco and Winchester shown with trailer

“You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back.” ~William D. Tammeus

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. Full of love and memories. As always, feel free to share.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to Reiki

I took a break from Reiki for a while. Life just got too busy with my business and being a wife and mother. I also have been focusing on exercise lately, so Reiki has taken a backseat. I used to do it every morning for my own daily spiritual practise. It’s been missed.

I gave my first full Reiki session, in about a year, just recently. Just the mere thoughts of doing again was enough to re-awaken the energy. My hands felt very warm, tingly and like the energy was going to burst from them. That is, until I did a mini-treatment on my husband, then it subsided.

My client lay on the massage table, fully clothed, and I moved my hands in the positions either on or just above her body. A cleansing sweep was done near the end and lots of grounding. Nothing unusual happened during the treatment of the client....afterwards, though, was pretty amazing... for me, anyway. My hands felt unusually soft after the treatment and I became unusually ‘sensitive’... more vibrationally ‘aware’. I felt that my aura was brighter and I craved the closeness of my daughter, our pets and plant life. I felt more calm and in the moment.

My feelings are that I will do more Reiki this year than ever, although I am totally unsure of how that will happen with very limited childcare and time. No matter though, I just know I will attract it.

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