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I took a break from Reiki for a while. Life just got too busy with my business and being a wife and mother. I also have been focusing on exercise lately, so Reiki has taken a backseat. I used to do it every morning for my own daily spiritual practise. It’s been missed.

I gave my first full Reiki session, in about a year, just recently. Just the mere thoughts of doing again was enough to re-awaken the energy. My hands felt very warm, tingly and like the energy was going to burst from them. That is, until I did a mini-treatment on my husband, then it subsided.

My client lay on the massage table, fully clothed, and I moved my hands in the positions either on or just above her body. A cleansing sweep was done near the end and lots of grounding. Nothing unusual happened during the treatment of the client....afterwards, though, was pretty amazing... for me, anyway. My hands felt unusually soft after the treatment and I became unusually ‘sensitive’... more vibrationally ‘aware’. I felt that my aura was brighter and I craved the closeness of my daughter, our pets and plant life. I felt more calm and in the moment.

My feelings are that I will do more Reiki this year than ever, although I am totally unsure of how that will happen with very limited childcare and time. No matter though, I just know I will attract it.

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