The first eBook experience

Well, it took a year of my life to complete my first eBook, but “Prenatal Yoga for Body, Mind and Spirit” is finally ‘out there’.

I took my yoga teacher training almost completely pregnant for that entire year and had to do my own research on what to do or not to do. I had to research the modifications for someone pregnant so not to hurt myself or my baby. This kicked off the desire to write my own eBook for others who are pregnant.

From 2008-2010 experience was gained from teaching Prenatal Yoga and the last year of teaching it I was writing, I had a photographer come to my home to take pictures of most of the poses, and did research on my ‘team’. Besides a photographer, I have a business coach and an editor.

A pretty good accomplishment for anyone, really, however for someone with a toddler and no child-care, a pretty HUGE accomplishment, I believe! Yes, I certainly have a little extra pride knowing that I accomplished my goal with a child in her bed, early mornings, most of my writing time. Hopefully, this first eBook will act as a template for the second eBook... “Mom & Baby / Postnatal Yoga for Body, Mind and Spirit”.

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