Knowing it’s all about NOW

I probably have this realization a few times per year... and then it starts to slip away and the ‘aha’ moment hits me again. All that really matters is NOW. I’m not talking about the past as in a month, a year or even ten years ago. Your last breath no longer matters. It’s all about this one. I know it, but it’s easy to forget.

I think maybe the future matters more than the past. Not much more but it does. I don’t take a whole lot of stock it – only to think of, right now, what I want for the future. Keeping in mind that things can, and most likely will, change.

Being joyful in the now but having desires for the future... I would love to take an Alaskan cruise and also to see the East Coast, someday, far in the future. For right now, though, I am happy with the way life is headed. Very happy. Are you? Change is only a breath way... or a thought.

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  1. Why is that first step of change so darn hard to take? I always wonder if it's not the right change for me and then I back off and try to forget about it. Maybe I just need to work a little harder to get the change!

  2. Think about how the change will FEEL, Sherry. If you think it will give you a lot of joy and focus on that, the change won't feel like a lot of work.


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