Positivity Prevails

You don’t realize how positive you are until you see the contrast of someone negative in your experience. I am a child of chronically negative parents and a ‘recovering’ chronically negative person, myself. I didn’t realize how truly positive that I have become until recently when I was exposed to some ‘Negative Nellies’. Now, I think I would say that I am more of a chronically positive person and it feels great!

Everything is habit. There is the habit of looking for things to help you to feel great and there’s the habit of looking on the ‘bright side’ and there’s the habit of just smiling and shrugging when those around you seem negative and complain.

I’m not saying to never be negative or down, that would just be fake. Just don’t stay there! You have a choice. It’s not about other people, it’s about YOU. YOU are your business and others are their own business. It feels great to be more on the positive side... light, airy, free.

The choice is yours. Choose and see how it affects everything in your experience. Feel free to let me know how it ‘feeeeels’.....



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  1. ~applaudes~

    My mom is the most negative person I know. I work really hard to see the positive. Life is too short not to.

    Thank you for this.

  2. Wonderful post on being positive! It's something I'm working on all the time over at my blog, Positively Present! :)

  3. Great post! I have been known to be overly positive. Some of my co-workers have been known to turn to me after they say something negative and ask me "what positive thing are you going to say" It is a good feeling to be positive!

  4. Thanks ladies! Yes, no other way to live once you've experienced it, is there?! :-D


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