The Terrible Two’s –Really?

When my daughter, Willow, turned two I thought that maybe not every child went through ‘terrible two’s’ but then she got closer to two and a half and I believed it! I heard a lot of, “I don’t want to!” “I don’t have to!” “NO!”... along with grabbing things from me, kicking, screaming, and hitting I chalked it up to boredom and kept her so busy some days that she fell asleep at night before the end of two songs on the radio. Still, most days I was exhausted from the constant battles and putting too much effort into what I got done each day.. Not very joyful but I kept telling myself that it was just a phase.

Then, on a list/organizing website I noticed lists for toddlers’ responsibilities and a ‘caught ‘ya being good’ list so I’ve been trying it now for about a week and I think it’s working!!

On the list are things such as: puts own toys/books away; helps momma with chores; eats well; puts own pull-up in garbage; gets herself dressed; helps bath herself. She is so proud when we go to the fridge to put a checkmark on the list and add up the checks at the end of the day. Positive reinforcement... an amazingly fun and easy solution!

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  1. I am always trying to find things that other parents have done before my daughter gets to those stages. So thanks for this. Could you maybe post the link to the website that you found this list. Thanks again for sharing Kim! Terry

  2. Here's the link for the site, Terry:

    It's on a membership basis but I think it's REALLY worth it!

    Thanks Terry


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