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Thinking backwards

Have you ever thought that you would like to have or do something but put it out of your mind because you don’t know how to go about it? You’ve got to ‘think backwards’. First, whether it is having more money, starting a business, finding love, whatever... you have to figure out your intention. I would like to... be a writer, for example. If that is your goal you set the intent and then think of a process, starting small and staying positive. What would it feel like? To start small maybe start blogging or send out a newsletter. Set the intention of what you would like your message to be. Remember that you have the freedom to change your mind at any time. What about having more money? Setting that as an intention, first. Be open and positive! You can have more money if you spend less, right? Record everything you spend. Label each thing as ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’. A being most important such as mortgage and food and C being least important. Cut from C wherever possible... maybe put your s


Absolutely everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has their own from their own perspective. Someone else's thoughts/feeling/opinions are really none of your business just as yours are not their business. As far as who is 'right'.... "Everyone thinks they're right. So, the question isn't who's right or who's wrong. The question is, who is most in alignment with their Source? And who is the most allowing? And whose life is really going the best, most of the time?" ~Abraham There is really no 'victims' so one cannot be a 'victim of gossip'. You could CHOOSE to see as the gossip as a blessing. A unique chance to learn about what type of person you are. Now, that is truly an aligned way to live.... Be blessed. ♥

Moms with Tots Yoga

I started out with Mom & Baby Yoga, when my own baby was young enough to be my ‘model’. When she was almost a year old and able to go without breast milk for a couple of hours I included teaching Prenatal Yoga. Suddenly, my daughter was a toddler and I wasn’t sure what to do with her so that she could come to class but not be bored. I really wanted to do yoga and see other moms of toddlers. So, I tried a class where the toddlers were doing yoga, since my daughter love doing yoga “like momma”. I had them crawling on the floor hissing like a snake and growing tall like a tree reaching out towards the sun. That’s when I found out that when toddlers were together they want to play together and explore, not do yoga. It was a stressful class, for me anyway, wanting everyone – toddlers and moms alike – to benefit from the class but feeling stressed and pressured instead of relaxed and joyful. That’s when I got the idea of ‘Moms WITH Tots Yoga’ instead of ‘Mom AND Tot Yoga’. Still no

Summer –Pleasure or Pressure? Make it more positive!

Summer is a great time for relaxation. But, if you have kids who are usually in school and now off and with YOU full time you may be feeling the pressure. Pressure to make it fun for everyone... everyone except yourself. Although my daughter isn’t in school just yet our trips to our vacation spot isn’t as relaxing as it could be if we had more space. The constant chatter of a two-year-old; the constant whining or barking of our two dogs, at an out of the norm place for them; add hubby to the mix and... well... I would rather be at home, frankly. Two minutes of alone time is better than none at all! Be sure to have down time, even when vacationing. Not doing, just being. You need to turn your brain off which doesn’t mean sleeping. You will sleep better if you take that ‘no-brainer’ time. Take a walk alone, do yoga alone, sit and just breathe – alone..... quiet your brain no matter where you are. Many times you’ll need to schedule it but just be sure that your partner and/or