Moms with Tots Yoga

I started out with Mom & Baby Yoga, when my own baby was young enough to be my ‘model’. When she was almost a year old and able to go without breast milk for a couple of hours I included teaching Prenatal Yoga.

Suddenly, my daughter was a toddler and I wasn’t sure what to do with her so that she could come to class but not be bored. I really wanted to do yoga and see other moms of toddlers. So, I tried a class where the toddlers were doing yoga, since my daughter love doing yoga “like momma”. I had them crawling on the floor hissing like a snake and growing tall like a tree reaching out towards the sun. That’s when I found out that when toddlers were together they want to play together and explore, not do yoga.

It was a stressful class, for me anyway, wanting everyone – toddlers and moms alike – to benefit from the class but feeling stressed and pressured instead of relaxed and joyful. That’s when I got the idea of ‘Moms WITH Tots Yoga’ instead of ‘Mom AND Tot Yoga’. Still not as relaxing as I would have hoped but in other areas more beneficial than I even imagined!

Moms with Tots Yoga is a class where moms get to meet and support each other, stretch and feel safe and secure about their tot playing close by. A mom can feel good about her child joining her in the yoga class, cuddling, nursing or even having a snack. What I love most about the class is watching my daughter, Willow, talk to another mom while someone else’s tot is crawling up on me and smiling into my face while I am in a yoga position. The confidence and trust my daughter has developed from me taking her to my classes has grown in leaps and bounds like no other experience has taught her. As a parent, this is pure bliss.

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  1. August 3rd FREE Moms with Tots Yoga @ Zwick's Park in Belleville. Bring your mat and your tot....2:00pm.


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