Summer –Pleasure or Pressure? Make it more positive!

Summer is a great time for relaxation. But, if you have kids who are usually in school and now off and with YOU full time you may be feeling the pressure. Pressure to make it fun for everyone... everyone except yourself.

Although my daughter isn’t in school just yet our trips to our vacation spot isn’t as relaxing as it could be if we had more space. The constant chatter of a two-year-old; the constant whining or barking of our two dogs, at an out of the norm place for them; add hubby to the mix and... well... I would rather be at home, frankly. Two minutes of alone time is better than none at all!

Be sure to have down time, even when vacationing. Not doing, just being. You need to turn your brain off which doesn’t mean sleeping. You will sleep better if you take that ‘no-brainer’ time.

Take a walk alone, do yoga alone, sit and just breathe – alone..... quiet your brain no matter where you are. Many times you’ll need to schedule it but just be sure that your partner and/or children are aware that you need it and intend to take that time. If YOU forget about YOU then chances are that so will everybody else.

Have a great summer, everyone!


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