Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Back' to school

It’s my daughter’s first time in school. Yikes! She’s almost 3 and so smart and busy as I am sure anyone with kids can understand. I try to keep on top of things with activities but she has become so self-confident and independent over the past 6 months that we thought school was the best option. We are so lucky to have a Montessori school 5 minutes from our home so it works out perfectly... for me and her. She will stay at this school until she is ready for grade 1.

I am going to keep a list of suggestions or ideas from her teacher as to what we can do to encourage learning. Also, a list of things to promote balance for her in reading, sports, learning about new places... maybe there will be another Facebook group in my future, who knows.

Within this year she will celebrate her 3rd birthday, see new places such as the Peterborough Petro glyphs, restart gymnastics, start soccer, hopefully learn to swim, learn her abc’s and numbers....

Are there any recommendations out there? Places to see in Ontario? Books that are a must-read for a 3-year old? Links? I will post many of the recommendations to the Facebook group “Quinte Natural Moms Group” to start and see where it leads. Or, feel free to join and add your own favourites.

I hope your summer was grand and those with kids have a very happy and productive school year!

Be Blessed,


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Monday, August 23, 2010

Friendships - coming and going

Nothing is forever. Friends come and go as needed, where you or they, are in life. Family is sometimes like that as well. Oh sure, a friend or family member might stick with you your entire life but the relationship evolves or changes as you both do. As you both grow. Maybe there are some people who don’t grow and then their relationships are always the same. Although, I don’t think I know anyone like that... maybe because I am so interested in growth and only attract others interested in growth.

I’ve had friendships dissolve, only to rekindle later in life. I believe we were on too different a path, but the Universe brings us together again when we are on a similar path. Personally, I am a low maintenance, positive, independent person and since like attracts like... that’s what I attract. Be the best ‘you’ you can be and you will attract similar people. Remember that: "like attracts like".

But, what if someone shuns your friendship or love seemingly suddenly – whether it be a friend or family member? Maybe you don’t even know why.... but who cares?! Who’s business is it anyway who someone else’s friends are? Of course, you will feel something. A loss. Confusion maybe? Let yourself feel it and then let it pass, knowing that another person... a more like-minded person will appear in your life. You don’t have to have bad feelings towards the other person, just let it go. Not thinking in a ‘lack-full’ way - hoarding every person you ever come into contact with - but in a way of abundance and fluidity. Abundance doesn’t mean you never let things go but that you are certain that when one leaves another will surely find itself to you and you will attract more positivity and lightness to your life. ♥

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Monday, August 16, 2010

An adventure to remember

We had the weekend planned out but when we didn’t receive desired weather we decided to go with the flow of things... a day of paddling turned into a day of gardening and yard work with a short walk in the woods. It’s a good thing we were prepared to just go with the flow because that’s not exactly how it went!

My husband, 2 year-old and I went to the Bleasdell Boulder for a short walk in the woods. It being close to our home we thought the trip would be barely noticeable in our day but I would still get my ‘nature connection’. The trail expanded.... and someone forgot to update the trail markers, it seems. Combine that with an adventurous husband who doesn’t like to actually stay ON the trails... what we thought would be a 20 minute walk turned into a 2.5 hour hike... did I mention our 2 year-old? She did very well as her daddy only had to carry her about 1/3 of the way.

What an adventure it was! I, of course, only got a few mosquito bites and our daughter fell on the gravel trail a few times so got scraped up knees and hands (no tears though). My husband, on the other hand, decided (without telling me) that it was a good idea to try running down a 15 foot embankment while holding our daughter. The rocks under his feet thought it NOT a good idea and sent him sliding down on his butt with a bruise for his troubles and some scrapes and a tear in his new North Face shorts. I guess that’s what he gets for not consulting me (hehe).

Our daughter was fine and from then on in the day asked him repeatedly if they were going to be sliding down any more hills later. Being so young, she probably won’t remember this adventure for long. Fortunately, we took pictures with our Blackberries. A magical day frozen in time....the embankment, the plants and flowers, beautiful trees, an old truck in the middle of the woods, the laughter, the carrying, the hand-holding, the critters, new bridges over tiny little bodies of water... the love. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Stress? It's your choice

Stress is a big topic yet I remain positive, for the most part, not because I don’t have stress but because of how I decide to live my life. One of my favourite affirmations (by ME) is, “I am always aligned and balanced because that’s what I choose”.

Here’s my list of ways to remain positive each day, despite regular ‘stressors’.


Use essential oils (on self and around the house and car)

Take time to read, for pleasure




Breathe deeply


Work out at the gym

Be out in nature

What about you? Do you have a ‘list’? I would love to read it! phdirector@gmail.com

Be blessed,


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Inspired Life

I’ve been asked so many times how I turned out so well considering what I grew up with... It’s a way of life, for sure, and I give the credit to journaling. But then a whole lot of other things happened within the span of three years that I am quite certain would have any ‘normal’ person going to a counsellor or taking medication.....

From 2003 until 2006 I was bombarded with ‘things’. I don’t think I had learned about the Law of Attraction back then but, boy, was I attracting craziness. Here’s the list: my dad died, I got married (not a ‘good’ thing), got separated/divorced, began a new relationship, got laid off from my job, my mom died, started school, relocated homes, had to take care of my mom’s arrangements and will, got engaged, got pregnant, had a miscarriage, my dog of 13 years died.

I am certainly not complaining, my life is pretty amazing! My point in telling all of that is to show what a person can work through when they have the right tools. Of course, if I had known and been practising the Law of Attraction I am quite sure I could have avoided a few of those things but what kept me from running, screaming to the nearest doctor for meds? Reiki, meditation and my journal.

If you really think that it’s a bunch of fluff just take a look at me. Here’s the proof. I’ve known people to have two of those things happen be enough to get drugs to help them cope, and then it just made things worse.

What about yoga, you ask? Back then, I wasn’t a yoga teacher - but yoga, to me, is a form of meditation and if I was to go through any ‘craziness’ at this point in my life I would definitely incorporate yoga! Just another great ‘tool’ to living an inspired life.

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