An adventure to remember

We had the weekend planned out but when we didn’t receive desired weather we decided to go with the flow of things... a day of paddling turned into a day of gardening and yard work with a short walk in the woods. It’s a good thing we were prepared to just go with the flow because that’s not exactly how it went!

My husband, 2 year-old and I went to the Bleasdell Boulder for a short walk in the woods. It being close to our home we thought the trip would be barely noticeable in our day but I would still get my ‘nature connection’. The trail expanded.... and someone forgot to update the trail markers, it seems. Combine that with an adventurous husband who doesn’t like to actually stay ON the trails... what we thought would be a 20 minute walk turned into a 2.5 hour hike... did I mention our 2 year-old? She did very well as her daddy only had to carry her about 1/3 of the way.

What an adventure it was! I, of course, only got a few mosquito bites and our daughter fell on the gravel trail a few times so got scraped up knees and hands (no tears though). My husband, on the other hand, decided (without telling me) that it was a good idea to try running down a 15 foot embankment while holding our daughter. The rocks under his feet thought it NOT a good idea and sent him sliding down on his butt with a bruise for his troubles and some scrapes and a tear in his new North Face shorts. I guess that’s what he gets for not consulting me (hehe).

Our daughter was fine and from then on in the day asked him repeatedly if they were going to be sliding down any more hills later. Being so young, she probably won’t remember this adventure for long. Fortunately, we took pictures with our Blackberries. A magical day frozen in time....the embankment, the plants and flowers, beautiful trees, an old truck in the middle of the woods, the laughter, the carrying, the hand-holding, the critters, new bridges over tiny little bodies of water... the love. ♥ ♥ ♥

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