'Back' to school

It’s my daughter’s first time in school. Yikes! She’s almost 3 and so smart and busy as I am sure anyone with kids can understand. I try to keep on top of things with activities but she has become so self-confident and independent over the past 6 months that we thought school was the best option. We are so lucky to have a Montessori school 5 minutes from our home so it works out perfectly... for me and her. She will stay at this school until she is ready for grade 1.

I am going to keep a list of suggestions or ideas from her teacher as to what we can do to encourage learning. Also, a list of things to promote balance for her in reading, sports, learning about new places... maybe there will be another Facebook group in my future, who knows.

Within this year she will celebrate her 3rd birthday, see new places such as the Peterborough Petro glyphs, restart gymnastics, start soccer, hopefully learn to swim, learn her abc’s and numbers....

Are there any recommendations out there? Places to see in Ontario? Books that are a must-read for a 3-year old? Links? I will post many of the recommendations to the Facebook group “Quinte Natural Moms Group” to start and see where it leads. Or, feel free to join and add your own favourites.

I hope your summer was grand and those with kids have a very happy and productive school year!

Be Blessed,


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