Friendships - coming and going

Nothing is forever. Friends come and go as needed, where you or they, are in life. Family is sometimes like that as well. Oh sure, a friend or family member might stick with you your entire life but the relationship evolves or changes as you both do. As you both grow. Maybe there are some people who don’t grow and then their relationships are always the same. Although, I don’t think I know anyone like that... maybe because I am so interested in growth and only attract others interested in growth.

I’ve had friendships dissolve, only to rekindle later in life. I believe we were on too different a path, but the Universe brings us together again when we are on a similar path. Personally, I am a low maintenance, positive, independent person and since like attracts like... that’s what I attract. Be the best ‘you’ you can be and you will attract similar people. Remember that: "like attracts like".

But, what if someone shuns your friendship or love seemingly suddenly – whether it be a friend or family member? Maybe you don’t even know why.... but who cares?! Who’s business is it anyway who someone else’s friends are? Of course, you will feel something. A loss. Confusion maybe? Let yourself feel it and then let it pass, knowing that another person... a more like-minded person will appear in your life. You don’t have to have bad feelings towards the other person, just let it go. Not thinking in a ‘lack-full’ way - hoarding every person you ever come into contact with - but in a way of abundance and fluidity. Abundance doesn’t mean you never let things go but that you are certain that when one leaves another will surely find itself to you and you will attract more positivity and lightness to your life. ♥

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  1. Thank you Kim this post resonated at great deal and seem very apt at the moment. A couple of weeks ago I had a painful encounter with a long term friend that suddenly turned on me and provoked a heated dispute without any warning.

    I do feel hurt and confused by this but realize that we have changed and the friendship is based on old patterning. I have let my friend go with love, blessings and above all forgiveness. Wanting only the best for them and that they are happy in their life
    Arabella xx

  2. That's great, Arabella! Letting go of the old to let in the new.... :-)

    Be Blessed,


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