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I’ve been asked so many times how I turned out so well considering what I grew up with... It’s a way of life, for sure, and I give the credit to journaling. But then a whole lot of other things happened within the span of three years that I am quite certain would have any ‘normal’ person going to a counsellor or taking medication.....

From 2003 until 2006 I was bombarded with ‘things’. I don’t think I had learned about the Law of Attraction back then but, boy, was I attracting craziness. Here’s the list: my dad died, I got married (not a ‘good’ thing), got separated/divorced, began a new relationship, got laid off from my job, my mom died, started school, relocated homes, had to take care of my mom’s arrangements and will, got engaged, got pregnant, had a miscarriage, my dog of 13 years died.

I am certainly not complaining, my life is pretty amazing! My point in telling all of that is to show what a person can work through when they have the right tools. Of course, if I had known and been practising the Law of Attraction I am quite sure I could have avoided a few of those things but what kept me from running, screaming to the nearest doctor for meds? Reiki, meditation and my journal.

If you really think that it’s a bunch of fluff just take a look at me. Here’s the proof. I’ve known people to have two of those things happen be enough to get drugs to help them cope, and then it just made things worse.

What about yoga, you ask? Back then, I wasn’t a yoga teacher - but yoga, to me, is a form of meditation and if I was to go through any ‘craziness’ at this point in my life I would definitely incorporate yoga! Just another great ‘tool’ to living an inspired life.

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