Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Running a 10k and a decision to make

Sunday I ran a 10k to help raise money for the Belleville hospital. Did you know that it’s the hospital’s responsibility to raise the money for their equipment? I didn’t. So, this was the Quinte Mall Rock and Roll Fun Run. A ‘fun run’ because it wasn’t timed and the ‘rock and roll’ part was exactly that... there was bands playing along the route. Fun eh?!

To start a race everyone gets a race kit. Companies sponsor races so we get some really neat stuff! This is my Forth race and this time I got a ball cap, a nice pen, a cool stapler among other things.

Unfortunately, my husband was on a month of midnights and school was cancelled for two weeks for my daughter. Therefore, little to no training and I found it a bit of a struggle.

Although I did finish this brings me to the decision. I am supposed to run a ½ marathon a week after this fun run. The fun run was 10k but the ½ is 21k!! Ugh, I am not feeling the joy in it. Last year I ran 8k at the ½ without stopping at all... this year I had to stop just after the 2.5k mark. So, I stressed about it for a while and then... decided to not do the ½, even though I paid for it. I am just not ready. And the joy is non-existent... and it’s all about the joy, right?

So, the day prior I’ll pick up my race kit, complete with t-shirt, and I’ll wear the t-shirt... in memory of the year that I was just too busy to prepare for the ½ marathon. Now, begins the preparation for the next race, the “Fat Ass Trail Run” in November! ;-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gluing it back together

My writing has been irregular lately... late or non-existent. I try to only write when feeling aligned so that should explain it in a nutshell. To further elaborate...

My husband, bless his hardworking soul, normally does 10+ hours a day, a minimum of 50 hours a week which is hard enough on our family... BUT for the past month he’s been on MIDNIGHTS! A friend recently commented that he should be careful not to get burnt out. HA! If not him then certainly ME!!

So, the second recent thing to ‘rock my world’ is that once a two afternoon a week break for me has been cancelled. My daughter goes to school those times and it’s been a HUGE blessing. But no more. Cancelled for at least two weeks.

Both those things are enough for me to handle... add anything else and I start to fall apart. A rainy day means the dogs can’t be outside which means they whine all day inside and keep the sleeping husband awake all day. The YMCA turns us away because their ‘Kids Kare’ is at capacity is now devastating news to top off the rest of it.

The solution is normally easy. Gratitude is the glue that holds it all together. However, it’s hard to think of what you are grateful for when you have someone talking non-stop in your ear way to loudly for a house that is supposed to be silent because the hard-working Daddy is trying to sleep.

Right now though, my daughter is in bed and I have 5 minutes alone - so NOW is the time.

I am grateful for....

~A husband who works hard and tells me he loves me every chance he gets
~A beautiful healthy daughter
~Very loving and affectionate pets
~My work
~A nice home
~More than one vehicle for each of us
~This will be the last week of midnights for my husband
~Healthy food in our refrigerator  

It’s that easy. All is well once again.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Just say "NO!"

Maybe it’s because it’s my daughter’s 2nd day of school, maybe it’s because I’ve had some much-needed family time lately... I had an ‘aha’ moment today. I arrived home and was about to start making supper when I realized what a perfect day it’s been. In a nut-shell... no rushing.

Maybe my standards have been too high, in the past, for some areas and not high enough in others. I expected that the house was cleaned (including the bathroom) three times per week, garbage gathered and outside twice a week, work and gym time 3 days a week...bla bla bla. Other things then suffered. It was a constant battle to try to have more ME time, time alone, meditation time, yoga time, time to try to quiet my mind. I would be tense that the house wasn’t clean enough for me, that I didn’t get enough time for this, that and the other thing. Tense, annoyed, frustrated, lacking joy. Generally lacking balance.

So, here’s where the ‘aha’ moment came in. I noticed how happy I’ve been the past few days. My living room has filthy carpets but I’m relaxed. I’ve only been working 2 days per week but I feel joyful. I’ve been late with my writing but feeling aligned. Why not lower my standards on cleaning and raise my standards on my happiness?! A house can be super-duper clean but if you are tense and angry with loved ones what’s the point?! All that really matters is that YOU are happy.

How have I been affected by this newest ‘aha’ moment? If the house gets cleaned, great, if not... oh well. Same as my writing. Who do I have to answer to if my blog gets out on Tuesdays instead of Mondays? Nobody. It’s really a relief! No pressure. What if I did have someone to answer to? My first priority is to be happy and after that, as long as I do my best, that is their problem! Happiness really IS a personal choice. Choose what you love first. Personally, I love relaxation. No more taking on too much. New motto... “just say no”!!

(c) 2007-2010 www.kimbelangermills.com All rights reserved.