Gluing it back together

My writing has been irregular lately... late or non-existent. I try to only write when feeling aligned so that should explain it in a nutshell. To further elaborate...

My husband, bless his hardworking soul, normally does 10+ hours a day, a minimum of 50 hours a week which is hard enough on our family... BUT for the past month he’s been on MIDNIGHTS! A friend recently commented that he should be careful not to get burnt out. HA! If not him then certainly ME!!

So, the second recent thing to ‘rock my world’ is that once a two afternoon a week break for me has been cancelled. My daughter goes to school those times and it’s been a HUGE blessing. But no more. Cancelled for at least two weeks.

Both those things are enough for me to handle... add anything else and I start to fall apart. A rainy day means the dogs can’t be outside which means they whine all day inside and keep the sleeping husband awake all day. The YMCA turns us away because their ‘Kids Kare’ is at capacity is now devastating news to top off the rest of it.

The solution is normally easy. Gratitude is the glue that holds it all together. However, it’s hard to think of what you are grateful for when you have someone talking non-stop in your ear way to loudly for a house that is supposed to be silent because the hard-working Daddy is trying to sleep.

Right now though, my daughter is in bed and I have 5 minutes alone - so NOW is the time.

I am grateful for....

~A husband who works hard and tells me he loves me every chance he gets
~A beautiful healthy daughter
~Very loving and affectionate pets
~My work
~A nice home
~More than one vehicle for each of us
~This will be the last week of midnights for my husband
~Healthy food in our refrigerator  

It’s that easy. All is well once again.

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  1. You are such an inspiration. And even on the days that aren't so great, it's a reminder that you're only human and things will turn around.

    -Why is school canceled?? That's insane!

  2. Aw, your comment made me cry and then laugh right after :-)

    School is cancelled because the teacher's mom died... in Germany. It's a private school that is owned by that teacher.

    Thanks for the kind words...helps in turning the day around and making tomorrow better :-)

  3. Thanks Kim, I think I will start doing that too. It will help to put things in perspective on those off days :-)

    Being a single mom I've more than a few off days.


  4. That's great Terry! I've always done my gratitude journal in the mornings but I'm finding, with such stressful days, that doing it just before bed is waaaaay better at this point.

    Even though I'm not single, I understand the life of a single mom all too well.

    Happy gratitude-ing! :-)


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