Just say "NO!"

Maybe it’s because it’s my daughter’s 2nd day of school, maybe it’s because I’ve had some much-needed family time lately... I had an ‘aha’ moment today. I arrived home and was about to start making supper when I realized what a perfect day it’s been. In a nut-shell... no rushing.

Maybe my standards have been too high, in the past, for some areas and not high enough in others. I expected that the house was cleaned (including the bathroom) three times per week, garbage gathered and outside twice a week, work and gym time 3 days a week...bla bla bla. Other things then suffered. It was a constant battle to try to have more ME time, time alone, meditation time, yoga time, time to try to quiet my mind. I would be tense that the house wasn’t clean enough for me, that I didn’t get enough time for this, that and the other thing. Tense, annoyed, frustrated, lacking joy. Generally lacking balance.

So, here’s where the ‘aha’ moment came in. I noticed how happy I’ve been the past few days. My living room has filthy carpets but I’m relaxed. I’ve only been working 2 days per week but I feel joyful. I’ve been late with my writing but feeling aligned. Why not lower my standards on cleaning and raise my standards on my happiness?! A house can be super-duper clean but if you are tense and angry with loved ones what’s the point?! All that really matters is that YOU are happy.

How have I been affected by this newest ‘aha’ moment? If the house gets cleaned, great, if not... oh well. Same as my writing. Who do I have to answer to if my blog gets out on Tuesdays instead of Mondays? Nobody. It’s really a relief! No pressure. What if I did have someone to answer to? My first priority is to be happy and after that, as long as I do my best, that is their problem! Happiness really IS a personal choice. Choose what you love first. Personally, I love relaxation. No more taking on too much. New motto... “just say no”!!

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