Running a 10k and a decision to make

Sunday I ran a 10k to help raise money for the Belleville hospital. Did you know that it’s the hospital’s responsibility to raise the money for their equipment? I didn’t. So, this was the Quinte Mall Rock and Roll Fun Run. A ‘fun run’ because it wasn’t timed and the ‘rock and roll’ part was exactly that... there was bands playing along the route. Fun eh?!

To start a race everyone gets a race kit. Companies sponsor races so we get some really neat stuff! This is my Forth race and this time I got a ball cap, a nice pen, a cool stapler among other things.

Unfortunately, my husband was on a month of midnights and school was cancelled for two weeks for my daughter. Therefore, little to no training and I found it a bit of a struggle.

Although I did finish this brings me to the decision. I am supposed to run a ½ marathon a week after this fun run. The fun run was 10k but the ½ is 21k!! Ugh, I am not feeling the joy in it. Last year I ran 8k at the ½ without stopping at all... this year I had to stop just after the 2.5k mark. So, I stressed about it for a while and then... decided to not do the ½, even though I paid for it. I am just not ready. And the joy is non-existent... and it’s all about the joy, right?

So, the day prior I’ll pick up my race kit, complete with t-shirt, and I’ll wear the t-shirt... in memory of the year that I was just too busy to prepare for the ½ marathon. Now, begins the preparation for the next race, the “Fat Ass Trail Run” in November! ;-)


  1. "This above all: to thine own self, be true" William Shakespear

    breathe... and allow your inner wisdom to guide you.

    brightest blessings


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