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Schedule yourself in

Ever notice that you are go, go, go all week and look back and think... where was the ‘me’ time?? Have an adjenda/daily planner? (because everyone should) Open it right now. Check out the week ahead, find some blank space and circle it. Then write something in there. “Have tea ALONE” or “Take a bath” or “Go get a pedicure” and don’t let anyone else have that spot. That is YOUR spot. So many of us are a slave to time and calendars. Make your adjenda work for YOU. YOU are the most important thing in that adjenda because if you take a back seat everyone else, in your life, are not as balanced as they could be either. If you were a celebrity with a manager he/she would get fired real quick if you found that you were over-scheduled and stressed out all the time. Plan for you. And ENJOY a joyful life.

Promoting breastfeeding, locally

Every year the Quinte Breastfeeding Awareness Network holds a Breastfeeding Brunch. The first meeting I ever attended was just prior to their brunch and I was very pregnant ... over my EDD (estimated due date) actually so I didn’t make it to the brunch.   I DID attend the next year, however, and was pleasantly surprised to have won a door prize! This year was their 3rd annual brunch, my daughter was almost 3 years old and I, once again, won a door prize... AND... I am STILL breastfeeding!! Willow and Marshall at 2010 Breastfeeding Brunch Not everyone is lucky enough to have a midwife to assist in breastfeeding questions and challenges.    QBAN is a great group for promoting awareness and the importance of breastfeeding, locally.   Find them on Facebook HERE .   The Quinte Natural Moms Group is a also a great group of woman who accept and support the breastfeeding mom.   Find them on Facebook HERE or check the ‘free’ page of my website to find Mama Meet-Up events.