Promoting breastfeeding, locally

Every year the Quinte Breastfeeding Awareness Network holds a Breastfeeding Brunch. The first meeting I ever attended was just prior to their brunch and I was very pregnant ... over my EDD (estimated due date) actually so I didn’t make it to the brunch.


I DID attend the next year, however, and was pleasantly surprised to have won a door prize! This year was their 3rd annual brunch, my daughter was almost 3 years old and I, once again, won a door prize... AND... I am STILL breastfeeding!!

Willow and Marshall at 2010 Breastfeeding Brunch

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a midwife to assist in breastfeeding questions and challenges.  QBAN is a great group for promoting awareness and the importance of breastfeeding, locally.  Find them on Facebook HERE.  The Quinte Natural Moms Group is a also a great group of woman who accept and support the breastfeeding mom.  Find them on Facebook HERE or check the ‘free’ page of my website to find Mama Meet-Up events.


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