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Paying for your time

If you can’t seem to make time for yourself maybe you should consider paying for it occasionally. It doesn’t have to mean hours and hours away or hundreds of dollars either. Normally, I will take ½ hour at a very inexpensive salon about once a month or so for a pedicure. This pedicure normally doesn’t come with much of a foot massage but at least it’s time to just BE and in the end my toes look great. Not to mention it’s fast and I don’t need an appointment. Just fits my schedule. Today, however, I’ve been saving a while and happen to have a 3 hour window to relax child-free. This time will be for the manicure and pedicure that I am getting at a special price, an express facial and the time it will take to drive there and back (had to be very close to home). So, a lot of things packed into that time but so worth it. Worth it for my sanity and to be the very best me.

Celebrating in advance

One night last week my family and I celebrated. We celebrated the possibilities. Possibilities of a new experience, a new ‘item’ in my husband’s ‘vibrational escrow’ (his manifestation bank account for the future). He gets job offers quite frequently but lately they have hit closer to what he really wants for his life. The offer was, to start, $26/hr, full benefits and a living allowance for when he’s not close to home. That was the problem. The job would take him away from home (far away) for 8 days at a time. For now that is not right for him but the offers are getting closer and closer to what IS right for him and so we celebrated. The Law of Attraction wants us to feel like we already have what we want. Wants us to feel the joy of already attaining it and not doubt that it’s coming. So we celebrated with lobster, with fresh halibut, a lovely salad, with a great desert and sparkling grape juice. Just like it already happened. Because it has….iIt’s there waiting. :-) (c) kimbe

Fat Ass

Sunday I ran in a race. This was my 5th race of my 2 year running career and the kilometres go, in order, like this... 5k, 21k, 7.5k, 10k, 7.5k. This being the 2nd time I’ve done the 7.5k ‘Fat Ass Batawa Trail Run’ - I loved even more! Here’s the link for the 1st time I did it HERE   and another link for the race HERE .   Last year, a month after running a ½ marathon, I was just under an hour. This year, with almost no outdoor running, my time was 1 hour, 2 minutes and 47 seconds. Not too shabby but if I had known how close the times were I might not have taken 2 snack breaks where I actually stood around looking at scenery and then to take the picture shown here of the finish line at the top of the ski hill. This race is a lot of fun with coke and m&m’s offered mid-race and cookies and chilli at the end. The people are a lot of fun and the trails are actually chosen for the mud and danger being a priority! I did yoga twice after the race and had no sore muscles the next d

Power in doing nothing

Sickness. Where does it come from? Luck of the draw? I doubt it. I know someone who told me that she gets pneumonia every year. Every year!! To me that is a sign. A big sign that something needs to change. Eat better and do less. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? It should be but it’s not. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “we human be-ings not human do-ings”. Why do we keep doing, doing, doing? We feel pressured to not be seen as lazy or maybe we’re competitive and want to do more than the next guy... whatever the reason it’ll get you nowhere. Do, do, do... just get ahead and then, wham! You get sick. I am not immune either. Relaxation is my passion but I still do too much for whatever reason. And, yes, I’m sick right now. It’s rare for me but I was just thinking the other day, ‘when is it MY turn for a break’ and then sickness hit. Almost a blessing I guess – only if I had a little more balance I could actually enjoy my nap this afternoon. There IS power in doing nothing, in relaxi

October 31st

My family celebrates Samhain on October 31st with a feast and gratitude, very much like Thanksgiving. We also light candles in honour of loved-ones passed. Our daughter doesn’t really ‘get’ Halloween and doesn’t eat candy but for most there’s trick or treating... and that’s what I did growing up as well. I have magical memories of being in Cold Lake, Alberta, putting a costume on over top of my snow suit with a few feet of snow by now. Receiving free candy and being able to eat as much of it as I wanted... pure joy! But, the joy doesn’t just stop with the children. Parents get to see the joy of their children’s faces and feel the magic in the air, just as it was years ago for them. People past the point of small children or just child-free adults get to join in the festivities as well. Decorations, handing out candy, going to or throwing parties... the magic of childhood lives on.